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Buying lipstick online is a super easy task. If you want to buy premium quality lipstick at affordable prices, prefer to buy Vered lipstick. Lipsticks are very simple beauty products and do not offer many difficulties to the buyer. However, we like to facilitate and tell you everything you should notice at the time of your purchase. Now, let’s talk a little about each topic, so that you understand how important they are at the time of your choice.

Color: which one to select?

Color is always the first factor we look at in a lipstick, and it should be. Today, lipsticks have a wide range of colors: red, brown, pink, and even purple. Each represents a style, ranging from classic and romantic to daring and sensual. Women looking for lipstick for everyday wear often go for more neutral shades. Therefore, it is important that you pay close attention to the color you choose and the possible makeup combinations that you can do with it. First of all, remember that the most important thing is that you feel good with the lipstick you are using.


Talking with your lipstick at work, at social events, or at the club can be a bit annoying, right? That is why it is interesting that it prioritizes durability. Fixing lipsticks give you less work and barely stick to cups, spoons, forks, giving you more freedom. Longer lasting lipsticks intact in the mouth are usually matte, and these are great if you’re going to a party or somewhere where there will be food as they are unlikely to smudge. This does not mean that glossy lipsticks don’t have good durability, but because they have a more liquid texture, they may come loose from your mouth more quickly.


It’s okay if you prioritize repair. But it is noteworthy that a lipstick that combines this factor with hydration is very difficult. Those with a matte effect generally last longer, but hydrate the lips less. So if this factor is crucial to you, consider a lipstick that has been made to soften your lips. Moisturizing lipsticks prevent the lip from drying out and chapping, especially in the colder months of the year.

Glitter or stick

This is a question that can be frequent when ordering. Both have different characteristics. The gloss has similar characteristics to glossy lipstick in effect, but it is more striking and more liquid. It can even be transparent if you want to wear it over colored lipstick. The advantage of gloss is that it enhances the lips and gives a unique shine, leaving a very beautiful appearance. The downside is that it can be a bit damp and is not designed to be used in open and windy places as the hair can stick to the lips. It is more durable and you will hardly have trouble with the wind when you use it. Like lipstick, face wash is also an important part of women’s make-up kit. Buy Face washes with salicylic acid and feel refreshing 24 hours.

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