The information which may be required by landlords to process your rental application.


One of the best parts about booking a short-term rental with agencies such as APT212 is the significantly reduced paperwork required for the process. Both searching and booking these apartments has been made easy via their website where tenants can see the listed apartment and even book online for specified durations. Nevertheless, there are specific documents and information which is required by property owners for processing leases. This documentation may vary from city to city however those which you are likely to use include;

Identification- it is likely for the landlord to ask for identification usually your driver’s license, passport, etc. for verification of your identity. This information can be used to run a background check on you and a credit check to prove your financial responsibility. Some landlords may go ahead to check for criminal records.

Bank statements- this is usually an assurance that you will be able to afford and pay the rent on time. Two months’ worth of statements is adequate to show the amount you have in your account end the income you generate. Pay stubs can alternatively be used and landlords usually accept persons whose pay is such that the rent is 30% of their income or less.

Rental history- your landlord may require information about your previous apartments, addresses, and property manager’s details. It may be wise to create your document detailing the various places you’ve lived in especially if there is a long list of the previous apartments. You may additionally have to give reasons for leaving the previous residence and reveal how much rent you were paying.

References- some rental applications require you to give out your personal or professional references. These individuals will be most likely be called to give specific information and you should, therefore, list a friend or close co-worker who won’t mind sharing honestly.

Employment history- some landlords may be interested to know your job history. According to APT212 individuals who can stabilize at a job for long are perceived to have a stable income and thus able to pay their rent.  People who are always moving from job to job show instability in their income and maybe unreliable in their payments

Social security number- this is not a requirement by law, you should, therefore, be very careful when giving it out to your potential landlord. It is, however, advisable no to provide the number if you have any doubts whatsoever, the driver’s license or passport which you provided is enough to run background checks that the property owner may need.


Documentation required for the processing of rentals can sometimes be very hectic to come up with. You should therefore always keep records of the various addresses and contact information of your previous landlords. This will help you to speed up processes when searching for apartments in the future and possibly save from having to physically search for information to give your new landlord.

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