The Effective Ways to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles


The beetles enter your home through different ways. However, the truth is that they aren’t welcome. It is because once they enter your home, they start breeding and lay eggs. The larvae are found on the carpets, rugs, and curtains and even found on your clothes. Hence, whenever you find them, the initial thing to do is to use pesticides to spray over the place. 

Carpet beetles:

They are stated to be one of the most destructive insects. They seem to be quite harmless however when they start breeding at home, there are lesser chances of them leaving your place. They are actually quite dangerous to natural fibre thus there are chances of them affecting the clothes available in your home. 

They can habitat in any dark corners even in your cupboards, pantries and even baseboards. They are even present in the corners of your windows and doors. They are present mainly in the closets where you keep your fur and wool things. This is because natural fibres are their food source. They even feed on dried flowers, potpourri and animal hides. They can survive without food for many weeks and at a time lay a hundred eggs. 

They are quite tiny in size thus often people are unable to identify them. Their presence is felt when there are small holes in rugs and clothing. There can be open spaces seen between the carpet weaves. Soon, if not got rid of them then the small tiny holes on fabrics will become holes leading to total damage of them. 

There are many effective methods to eliminate beetles from your home. One of the most effective ones is calling professional pest control Manchester. Their skills in dealing with any kind of pest and insects’ infestation are remarkable. Their clients posted reviews are sure to influence you to contact them. 

Natural methods to drive away carpet beetles:

  • Use of natural oils – Clove and peppermint oils are the best deterrent. You just need to mix them with distilled water and spray them everywhere. The oils won’t stain your natural fabric and furniture. Oils of flowering plants like jasmine and patchouli stain the furniture because of their potent colour. 
  • White and apple vinegar are the best repellents and won’t even stain your things. You spread their mixture in the place where you find the larvae of the beetles. You can even mix water in the solution to dilute them and spray everywhere. 
  • There is a natural element called diatomaceous earth, DE. This dust is a natural saver that kills pests. 
  • Applying an insecticide at regular intervals all over the place and especially where you keep the winter clothes is sufficient to keep the unwanted guests away from your home. 

The most beneficial way is to repair and seal the wooden holes and other cracks of your home to avoid beetles entering your home. Regular spraying of effective pesticides by an expert pest controller will prevent the beetles to damage your belongings. 


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