The Different Type of Insurance Exam Classes


Preparing to take a state insurance exam is a thorough process as most students use a variety of methods to study the required materials. You can go into a classroom setting to learn the coursework, purchase a study guide manual that comes with multiple practice tests or online insurance classes.

The second and third options are you to study at your own pace. Each method is successful in their own way as every student has their own studying habits.

Let’s take a look at the different type of insurance exam classes studying options:

Traditional Classroom Coursework

Studying for a state insurance exam inside a traditional classroom setting is ideal for those who have been away from this environment for an extended time. You have an instructor who explains the various insurance concepts from a pre-determined outline. Of course, the majority of what is discussed can found in a manual or syllabus that is provided by the host of the insurance classes.

One of the negatives from using this teaching method is the possibility of the students still not understanding the course materials despite the teacher’s attempt to be thorough with their explanation. You would hate to go into an examination room with certain topics from the insurance classes still being uncleared.

Finally, check your state’s requirements in completing a pre-licensed insurance classes. The clarification on the requirements will determine if the instructor needs to be certified or not.

Using a Studying Guide Manual

Many prospective insurance agents will purchase a studying guide manual that includes valuable content, illustrations and multiple practice tests. Check the publishing date of the materials as they could be outdated and irrelevant. The insurance industry is rapidly changing, so you could be a victim in the learning process if the content fails to assist with passing a state insurance exam.

Online Video Insurance Courses

One of the more popular approaches to studying for a state insurance exam is signing up to take an online video course. Past users believe this format combines the best parts of the other learning resources to become the leading insurance exam studying program on the market today. Online video insurance courses allow the students to learn the materials at their own pace as they can study any time of the day. Typically, the coursework takes between 3-5 days to complete if the student works 8-10 hours each session. Online video course companies offer an avenue to answer all of your pertinent questions in a timely manner. The enrollment period lasts for 90 days and the coursework can be obtained on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

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