The difference between teaching, learning and teaching



Many think that the teaching process relies mainly on the teacher and his performance and actions individually and is isolated from any other element as the most important and single element, but the truth is that the correct teaching process is more complicated than that and depends on several different elements that interact with each other, and are equally important . [1]

Teaching is considered any intended work or activity aimed at stimulating learning and achieving learning (achieving it in the sense of a learner’s learning). The intended activity includes shaping the learner’s environment in a way that it can access the information easily, and thus the teaching can be defined as: “an interactive process or a set of consecutive events that include The teacher and the learner (student), the educational environment and the educational content (curriculum), and this process is the medium or means that leads to the desired result which is the learner’s learning. [1]

The effectiveness of the teaching process can be measured and judged through its results, i.e. the extent of the learner’s learning, and one of the keys to the success of this process is that there is good communication and interaction between the teacher and the learner, and that both of them are aware of their role in this process. [1]


Learning, as mentioned earlier, is the result that emerged from the complex teaching process, which was the medium or medium, and learning can be described as the intended response of the learner; if the learner responded in the required manner, the teaching process would be successful and achieved its goal of achieving learning. [2]


Many people may confuse education with teaching and use the two terms as expressing one concept. The truth is that education is a science that includes specific principles and rules that can be taught. Education is a specific process that was planned based on specific rules and foundations, while teaching as I mentioned earlier is A complex interactive process, so teaching is more general and comprehensive than teaching. Education is a part of it or a state of its cases, so teaching takes a long time while education is instantaneous and takes place in a short time, as “teaching” a certain academic content – depending on its type – may take several lessons or perhaps an entire semester until it achieves Its goal and learning are achieved, while “teaching” a particular thing – without referring to the interactive relationships between the elements of teaching that are the teacher and the learner and the environment and the academic content – may take one class or one part of that share, and the result of the teaching will be the learner’s learning and acquisition of integrated skills They are interconnected for scholastic content The result of education is that the learner learns part of these skills. Teaching may contain several teaching processes, i.e. several specific and planned operations. [3]


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