The Advantages of Using YouTube for Online Education


The availability of free, high-quality, and instructional films on sites such as YouTube is a logical fit for today’s learning environments. Web videos are an excellent teaching-learning tool, according to educators, students, and parents. The best feature of YouTube videos is that they can easily get integrated into educational systems, especially online education. Video-assisted learning is a new educational trend that allows students to study and master complex concepts and subjects in a fun way. During the recent global lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, students got urged to attend classes from home, and educational, eLearning-related YouTube channels drew maximum views.

YouTube is one of the many online learning platforms available to make online education more accessible and easy. YouTube has 2 billion active users, and 500 hours of video content are uploaded every minute on the world’s largest video-sharing network. That demonstrates that video material appeals to the audience and attracts more viewers than any other content.

Teachers will benefit from using YouTube videos in the classroom, and students will have fun. Visually stimulating activities engage students more, and they are more likely to concentrate when viewing videos rather than reading walls of text in books and notes, according to Richard James Schueler. For your convenience, we’ve outlined some of the advantages of using YouTube as a learning resource for your online education.

  • Reduces the cost of online education

Making an instructive video is less expensive than making a Hollywood-worthy film, according to Richard Schueler. YouTube can help you save money on your online education, whether you’re a teacher or a student. As an instructor, you can create instructional movies with your smartphone’s camera without spending money. You can freely upload them to your YT channel once got generated. You may, however, buy YouTube subscribers to help your educational channel grow. Your channel’s videos can get readily integrated into any online education system to help students study more efficiently for free. Students, on the other hand, have free access to all YT videos at any time and from any location. As a result, YouTube videos can help students learn even if they don’t have enough money by lowering the overall costs of online education.

  • YouTube is a great place to learn.

If a YouTube video can’t get embedded in an LMS or an online course, links can get used to providing students with access to a variety of visual learning resources. You can also encourage your students to engage in self-learning by instructing them to conduct a YouTube search for instructional films. Students enjoy watching YouTube videos because they help them learn complex concepts while improving their listening and punctuation skills. On the other hand, instead of discussing complex ideas and topics, teachers can concentrate on students’ learning capacity.

  • Microlearning and Mobile

Other advantages of using YouTube for online education include mobile and microlearning. Because long videos can get published on YouTube, publishing instructional videos that are 10 minutes or less is the ideal way to use or share what you need to help your students learn. It also aids pupils with short attention spans in learning more efficiently online. YouTube videos can also get seen on mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Videos on YouTube may be seen flawlessly on any screen, no matter how little or huge, without affecting the video’s quality or misrepresenting the material.

  • Admissions and other processes are made easy.

Educational institutions can employ video content to make online learning more accessible to distance learners. One of them is using video content to assist students with admissions processes. They can make short but thorough movies to assist students in understanding what they need to do for course enrolment and admissions without having to visit the institute or ask others. Using YouTube videos to provide more information about courses and campus surroundings also helps potential students feel thrilled while learning essential information about the institute they are about to join. If you want to increase your YouTube profile and attract more viewers as an educational institution, you can buy YouTube subscribers from reputable boosting service providers to get your material in front of a larger audience.

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