Successful Entrepreneurs


Entrepreneurs are not just businessmen; they are influencers in society. They influence politics, history, trends, and many other things. Entrepreneurs such as Bardya Ziaian Sittu Group contributed from changing our perspectives to our daily habits, and have shaped a large part of history. With technology and internet dependence growing at an exponential rate, there are more than just basic needs to tend to. Millennials are more interested in being an entrepreneur and working to provide solutions to society than to work for others. In recent times, there has been a large number of entrepreneurs, and some of them have made it to the world’s most successful individuals. Given below are some of the successful people.

  1. Elon Musk – He is one of the most popular names today. He founded PayPal, and that was his first big step. He is a visionary Engineer working as CEO in SpaceX and Tesla. He plans to make future cars pollution-free and get closer to mars. He also has a degree in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. His influence today can be understood from the way he can manipulate the market with a tweet. 
  2. Jeff Bezos – The richest person in the world, Jeff Bezos is an electrical engineer from Princeton University. He is the founder and CEO of, which at the time used to deliver books in 45 countries. Later it added CDs, clothes, toys, etc. Today Amazon is an online retail store selling almost everything from grocery to electronics to over 300 million users worldwide.
  3. Bill Gates – The name that we grew up reading as the world’s richest man is the founder of Microsoft. He brought a revolution to the world of computers and made personal computers a thing. He is a dropout from Harvard. He is also well known for his philanthropy. Moreover, he has authored three books that are inspirational for others who want to be like him.
  4. Bardya Ziaian – A Canadian executive, film producer, and entrepreneur from Toronto, Bardya Ziaian is the founder of the SITTU group. It is a consulting firm that leads a team of experts to offer analysis and strategies to its customers to achieve success. He got his degree in mathematics from York University. Moreover, he has written and produced a comedy thriller film under the title Super Dicks. 
  5. Mark Zuckerburg – An Internet entrepreneur from Harvard who started Facebook in 2004. Facebook changed the world for the better by giving its users an online identity. It has over 2.6 billion active users monthly, making it the world’s largest social media network. From students to political leaders and celebrities, it has become a way of connecting people from different places. 


These entrepreneurs are visionary and changed the world for the better. However, It takes more than just vision to achieve success. It takes planned execution, discipline, persistence, and many other qualities, which the entrepreneurs mentioned above possess. They are the leaders of this generation and an inspiration for many.


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