Speed Dating in London – Pro’s and Con’s


Speed dating is a formal matchmaking process with the aim to encourage eligible single people to meet and engage a large number of potential partners within a short period. There are various speed dating organization in London, for example, Naturally Dating.

There are many ways to matchmake, and speeding dating is one of them. All these processes have their advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of speed dating in London

  • Comfortable environment. Companies or organizations usually organize speed dates in London, and they ensure the safety of all participants. The place is public and mostly bars or restaurants. There are drinks served, and you get to enjoy as you mingle with all the eligible singles present. All participants have name badges for quick identification, and people have tables and booths set aside for them.
  • Variety of selections. Another great advantage of speed dating in London is that you have several choices on a single date. Compared to traditional dating, where you spend a whole evening with one person who probably is not your preference. Speed dating, you spend a small amount of time with various people until you are sure who you want to spend more time with.
  • Affordable. In speed dating, the costs are shared among all participants; therefore, it will be an inexpensive date. In London, speed dating is mostly booked online, and these bookings cost a nominal fee. This fee will facilitate the drinks and venues hired for speed dating.
  • Saves time. In London, people are very busy running the economy, and others have up to three jobs. This means time is essential in this part of the world. Numerous speed dating will help you learn and practice good first impressions. Even without success in speed dating with good first impression skills, you will save time on a traditional date, and you don’t have to waste the whole evening.

Cons of Speed Dating in London

  • Competition. Virtual Speed dating in London is like a marathon, and you are the trophy. All suitors are all over you, proving why they are the best choice over the others. This can make you very uncomfortable and trigger anxiety is cause self-esteem issues.
  • Uncertainty. Speed dating in London will not guarantee the person is their true identity or they are genuinely single. Some may be out there for pleasure or disguising to charm and harm you later.
  • Limited time. Speed dating in London is mainly restricted to not more than seven minutes. This is a minimal time to charm a lady or even to get to know each other properly. Within such a short time, it’s challenging to have a romantic dialogue or, worse, to open up because the person still feels like a stranger to you.
  • No guarantee for a partner. In London, participating in speed dating does not guarantee you to find a partner. In some cases, there may be no mutual connection with the dates available that day. In some speed dating companies, you choose available ladies from their database, hoping they will show up on the speed date. Sometimes they don’t, and this leads to major disappointment.


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