Six recipes to cook at home                



Feeling bored? Stuck at home? Missing something that will enrich your mouth with its aroma? Don’t worry foodie-here is your complete guide to savoring mouthwatering delicacies that are made in the safe environment of your own house. Get ready to ride on the path of self-happiness during this tough time. Wear your aprons, prepare your spices, and rinse your garnishes. Let’s do this!               

Here is a list of different recipes to start your endeavor:  

  1. French toast stuffed with banana and maple syrup:

A perfect breakfast to start your day. Made with crunchy toast that is filled with maple syrup, this is the king of Canadian cuisine. It will energize your morning and leave a sweet taste in your mouth for the rest of the day.

  1. Poutine: 

Poutine is considered by many as the national food of Canada. Made up of the mixture of two fan favorites, French fries, and cheese curds, these are mixed by a brown gravy traditionally made up of chicken and beef stock. This classic dish will add wonders to your meal.

Some of the best and simple rice recipes:

As most of us know, rice is so versatile so there are many best and simple rice recipes to check out. The reason is because of the various varieties of ways in which it can be cooked and consumed and also due to its massive crop production worldwide.

  1. Rice chicken curry:

Want a wholesome meal that contains carbohydrates as well as proteins and vitamins? Then you can’t miss this delicacy. Filled with a whole lot of nutrients and exotic flavors, this dish will satisfy your craving for a savory meal.

  1. Vegetable rice soup:

A pot filled with a complete blend of rich vegetables and rice mixed, this will serve as a great soup as your meal and provide great nutrition to you and your family. It can also be served as an evening snack to forget the day’s blues and to re-energize.

  1. Rice, charred corn and sweet onion salad:

For people who want to enjoy a delicious meal and don’t want to put on extra fat, this is the perfect dish to add to their diet. A beautiful mix of vegetables and rice with an aromatic twist, this will help you to savor your tasty food without any guilt.

  1. Tres leches rice pudding:

This is a fabulous dessert to end your meal. As the title says, it’s made with its base as rice and includes other ingredients such as coconut milk, sweetened condensed milk, and vanilla. This pudding is a dish magnet that will attract all ages of people from food-refusing toddlers to dessert- seeking adults.

These dishes will form a great meal and shift you from the same daily routine and also help you pass your time by learning and cooking these awesome delicacies. The ingredients mentioned in the above descriptions are easily available and can be cooked easily as well, so you will surely enjoy cooking them. Did we miss anything? Feel free to give your reviews for this list and suggestions for future ones.

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