Six Benefits of Going to Field Trips


For so long now, field trips have been part of every school’s curriculum especially science, art, and history subjects. Field trips are essential in the learning  development of students. Additionally, despite repetitive field trips, the atmosphere among students is just like it’s their first trip, them talking boisterously and being overall excited. As such we have compiled six benefits students and teachers alike can get from field trips.To learn more about educational travel, contact ETC to learn more.

Learning is enriched and more enjoyable

                Field trips are important in every students’ learning life, it is where they can learn new information from an expert. It allows children to be more aware of new cultures and open their eyes to a new perspective. Children would also feel more comfortable than the school setting because they can roam around the place. For example, if they are in a museum, they would feel connected with the Artifacts because they can see it firsthand. By going on these field trips, it helps the students in getting access to additional knowledge and technology than what schools can offer. Additionally, it provides a great learning experience to students by solidifying concepts they learned at school

Can bring students closer together

                Field trips are not just places to go to learn about new stuff, it can also be a time to forge new friendships and a bonding opportunity. It can help students enjoy their stay and keep them from getting bored. Teachers can also team the students and provide tasks wherein they can work together while bringing them closer and helping them have an interactive learning experience.

Presents new opportunities to students

                Going on field trips can’t only help students in their lessons but it can also help them realize their dreams. As the students can see firsthand what the anthropologist and astronauts can do, and it can help them discover their new passion or profession or something that can pique their interests. Moreover, these new passions and thirst for new knowledge can push them to learn more about it and it can be very helpful to children as it will not only boost their new talents but it can also be a way to realize what they want to be when they grow up.

Break from a classroom set-up

                For the students, it is hard to keep a high level of concentration in the classroom for too long. Worse, it might lead them getting bored and not learning about a new concept being discussed by the teacher. Having field trips will help them stave off boredom because there are many things to look for and they can ask as many questions as they want and experts in that field can help them. Besides, seeing what you see  in the books face to face can help students retain much information than just reading or memorizing them as they can catalog it through their senses.

Closer Student and Teacher Relationship

                Students in field trips don’t just learn new technology from new places and museums, it is also a place where they can bond with their teachers. Teachers can share their knowledge and past experiences of the place, it can help students feel more connected to them. This new connection between students and teachers can help them communicate more freely when they are back in their classrooms, in this way, new information and topics can be relayed more effectively .

Teachers can find new lessons

                Teachers accompanying students in field trips can use the opportunity to get new teaching topics. For example, a trip from an art museum can be as much of an art and history museum, for example a teacher can use a painting to teach students about the history of the painting, reason behind it and who painted it. The teacher can also use it as a way to illustrate the living conditions to where the painting was painted or he can also use science museums as a way to introduce new science concepts and formulas and relate them on how it can be used to modern science.

To sum it up, field trips are an important part of every students’ school life. They can be an enlightening and a life changing experience to them. It can be repetitive at some time, but there are always new things even if you have been on that same field trip twice. It is even an opportunity to forge new friendships and peak your curiosity or a place to discover your new passions while enjoying yourselves.



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