Shielding Methods To Prevent Radiation From Your Phone


The first question most people ask themselves is “can my phone actually make me sick?” The answer to this is a resounding yes. There are many studies underway about the detrimental effect on humans and our environment from man-made radiation and electromagnetic frequencies.

The first step is to understand where these frequencies come from. Electromagnetic frequency is a naturally occurring element, however, due to mankind harnessing this to deliver anything from your cell phone signal to connect your equipment to wireless interfaces the strength of these frequencies has grown very rapidly in the last few decades. This is called RFR also known as radiofrequency radiation.

The advent of 5g has also made headlines with how this can harm individuals’ health. The complete verdict is still out on this but more research is underway. One of the general best ideas is to shield yourself from electromagnetic frequency and radiation that emits from cell phones and other technological instruments. There is a radiation protection phone case that you can purchase to help reduce the amount of radiation and EMF emitting from the device. The most popular theory would be to make wired infrastructure which cuts down drastically the harmful frequency emissions. 

There are many builders who are trying hard to create safer and cleaner buildings, however, with technology changing at a rapid pace it is very hard for them to keep up.

The shielding of your cell phone is one step in the right direction for you as a person. The bad point of this is that most of these cases, stickers, or other RFR/radiation blocking models do not block enough or do not block any at all. The general idea is a great one but it can make the phone work harder and this, in turn, makes the phone emit even more radiation, so a radiation protection phone case does not seem like a one hundred percent option.

The idea of a Faraday cage is one option. The Faraday cage can block one hundred percent of the radiation but in doing so the phone will not work at all because of blocking all signals coming in and going out. There is one overall strategic way to make sure that people are not exposed and that is to avoid the use of these frequencies. The idea that was stated above about using wired instead of wireless technology is the one way of stopping some of the human and environmental damage.


The health problems that can arise from being exposed to high levels of EMF, RFR, and radiation that are possible are lower sperm count in men when the cell phone is carried in the front pockets, chromosome damage to DNA, and a form of malignant gliomas. There have been studies in children that the affects of this can cause brain damage due to the skull not being as dense as that of an adult which in turn receives more exposure to the frequency than an adult brain. The environment suffers as well with these, in studies conducted it is shown that bees and plant life are also affected by higher RFR and electromagnetic frequencies.

These studies are ongoing but with respect using metal shielding in buildings is the correct step to take at this time. The best approach overall would be to limit one’s exposure all together from these harmful frequencies. The time and cost to return to a more hardwired system would be high however the benefit that our environment and human well being should outweigh those.


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