SEO during and after COVID-19. What you can do now to stay on top of the game later.


Nowadays we might face a much more complicated situation than the panic that took over at the beginning of the Pandemic. Several months ago businesses did not know how to build their strategies because they have faced unknown satiation. Nowadays the world is changing every hour and those changes are extremely uneven. That is why now SEO planning and strategies might seem even more tricky and unpredictable than at the very beginning of the pandemic.

Keywords ranking

One of the main principles of SEO – keywords ranking – has all-new significance nowadays. No one can deny that the market is changing. It happens due to the changes in the customer’s approach. It might be even more important to monitor the ranking keywords now than ever. It is an opportunity for you to catch the most relevant moods and adjust the strategy accordingly.

Content storage

While customers have moved online it is especially important to build sales funnels out of quality content. The market is still relatively quiet because of the decrease in the purchasing ability. This quietness may be used to create quality content in bulk for the future. It is important to remember that the content should be adjustable. As we said before, the satiation is changing every day, so do customers’ moods and tendencies of the market.

Video content

The lockdown turned into a golden hour of video content. On the one hand, people are quite tired of social media, on the other, series and movies are also not endless. Video content might be a solution for a new SEO strategy. Looking for fresh ideas and trends, customers tend to move to YouTube – it combines features of social media with television, podcast, and streaming. SEO planning can go two ways in this case. You may experiment and create whole-new content from scratch. At the same time, you may revise all the previously created content, pick up the most relevant features, and turn them into video products.

Data is the key

The unclear the situation is, the more important it becomes to collect and analyze relevant data. It has always been the core of every SEO strategy. Now we have a clear understanding that customers’ preferences change daily. That is why it is extremely important to see where exactly those tendencies go. Your research should go in two ways. First of all, you need to know which pages get the most traction. After that, it is important to analyze and see if those tendencies differ in any way from the “regular” course of events and act accordingly.

On the one hand, it might seem like SEO has to evolve and get some new skills in the post-Coronavirus world. But in reality, we just see that it simply takes more analyzing, adjustment, and careful planning.

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