SAP S4 Hardware Requirements



When used properly, SAP software is more than just programming useful to a company butbecomes the basic infrastructure for how they conduct lifecycle project management with communication between the different individuals, teams, and departments involved with the project and need access to each other’s work. It prevents, as an example, the production planning team from having to individually contact the materials acquisition team to place orders, the assembly crew to schedule production, and the salesperson who needs to be able to share with the client how the project is coming along. With one of the more advanced SAP solutions, SAP S4 HANA hardware requirements are important to understand in order to use the programming efficiently as intended.

What SAP HANA Is and What It Requires to Run

SAP HANA is slightly different from traditional SAP software, as it runs in columns instead of rows, meaning it runs in-memory so it can provide faster real time calculations and information sharing. The program stores data in main memory instead of how traditional SAP programs put data in disc storage, which provides improved performance but also requires a heavier system capable of managing the information in such fashion. Therefore, SAP S4 HANA hardware requirements are generally based on running with newer systems designed to perform at the level of modern programming and may not be compatible with older computers or out of date operating systems.

Advantages of SAP S4 HANA Hardware with Modern Upgrades

In addition to use of a proper computer and network system, SAP S4 HANA hardware requirements aren’t all that is required as it also needs talented IT support with the proper skill set to understand how the system runs. Such a concept isn’t really a disadvantage as successful businesses will already have such a team in place, whether in-house or through an outside consultation company. Typically, an outsourced company is going to be better equipped to provide the latest updates and most efficient computer technologies and knowledge to help a company toward success. Specialists in the field are going to understand what works based on business size and type and have additional experience from providing the service in multiple environments with different types of businesses.


Since outsourcing IT management is generally considered a better idea for efficiency and security, a specialized team of experts in SAP S4 HANA hardware requirements such as provided by Protera Technologies is going to be able to explain in detail the requirements your company is going to have to meet your needs. Contact us and you’ll find our representatives to be professional and courteous while explaining in as much (or little) detail as you need what we can do to help improve your company’s overall performance and profit margins through our IT solutions and managed services.

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