Sanitiser Dispenser


Touch Australia is one of the rare companies that has been serving in the sector for many years, protecting its corporate identity and quality, and adopting customer satisfaction-oriented work as a principle. We provide hygiene by choosing the Touch Australia brand in the use of disinfectant products and sanitiser dispenser products in the institution we work, and we are satisfied.

We use Touch Australia apparatus in all the common toilets, shared meeting rooms, dining hall, guest rooms, rest rooms and general office areas of the institution we work with. We started to use automatic disinfectant dispensers and hand and surface disinfectants during the pandemic period with Touch Australia, which we met with automatic liquid soap dispensers in common toilets before the pandemic period. The products that we have used so far have not been deformed, broken, or rusted, and they continue to maintain their first day form.

We use Touch Australia branded hand disinfectants with Touch Australia brand sanitiser dispenser products. The health of our employees is one of the most important issues for us. We continue to take our measures with Touch Australia products, which understand quality products. If you want to examine the company’s products, we recommend you visit the website. Important details such as product contents, usage details, features and prices are included. They respond to product requests in a short time.

Touch Australia’s product pricing is also very reasonable, as it meets its customers with its corporate service approach. On behalf of our company, we would like to state that we are pleased to be working with Touch Australia.

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