Requisites for a Successful Cloud-Practitioner Career with AWS Certification


With the need for transforming businesses, establishments worldwide (including the ones operating virtually) require cloud expertise. Cloud computing has become a sheer proficiency in companies –since they now shift workloads to the public cloud. And to deploy, manage, and design applications, a new set of skills is fundamental. That’s where the concept of AWS training and certification comes in.

If you want to earn tangible benefits and showcase your achievements, get AWS certified. Advance your expertise and become eligible for career perks and reach the summit. You can opt for AWS training and become a proficient AWS certified cloud practitioner. Here are some important aspects of the training.

What to Learn about AWS Certified Examination?

Pursuing an AWS-certified cloud practitioner certification will give you a comprehensive understanding of the Amazon Web Services Cloud platform. The training assists in developing professional acumen in cloud technologies. The credential demonstrates AWS platform knowledge and cloud fluency. 

The basic AWS examination encompasses the fundamental principles of AWS Cloud. Candidates will get evaluated on the significant AWS capabilities, business use cases, and other services. Aspirants must gain working knowledge pertaining to AWS billing, pricing, support, compliance standards, and security to qualify for the examination. Moreover, the candidates may need to answer questions related to installing resources & AWS cloud services. 

In short, the AWS Certified practitioner degree is for non-technical individuals who need professional acumen about AWS platforms. The examination assesses the aspirant’s potential in the following aspects:

  • The definition of AWS cloud and its global infrastructure 
  • Principles of Architecture & AWS cloud’s value principles
  • Security & compliance of the AWS platform
  • Account management, billing, pricing models, and shared security
  • Rudiments of AWS Cloud functioning 

One quick note: The credential helps candidates to bridge the gap between management, developers, and clients. It gives a foundation for obtaining other AWS training and certifications.

Experiences Required Pursuing the AWS Cloud Practitioner Training &Certifications

This comprehensive examination doesn’t examine skills required for specified job functions. So, before gaining admittance to the training, it is recommendable for aspirants to have:

  • A minimum of six months of experience with AWS Cloud
  • Fundamental insights into IT services used on the cloud platform of AWS or Amazon Web Services 
  • Professional acumen of AWS and its core services & use cases, security principles, pricing & billing models, and impacts 

Specific requirements for AWS Cloud Practitioner certification are mandatory. But aspirants must know about the jargon used to accelerate the learning procedure. What’s ideal is to have a basic knowledge of AWS development, implementation, and tools used. 

Skills a Prospective AWS-Certified Cloud Practitioner Must Have

To accomplish your AWS-certified cloud practitioner career, you need to have these qualities and skills.

In terms of businesses:

  • Comprehend how hardware and software systems bring business visions to reality
  • Know about end-users problems and solutions 
  • Technical aspects of projects to build a case
  • Resolve scalability problems
  • Manage integration complications with the third-party programs 

For technical skills, AWS cloud practitioner essentials are:

  • Supervise architecting & deploying applications within the AWS platforms 
  • Develop plans for cloud solutions adoption
  • Monitoring and managing cloud platforms
  • Build and design cloud-based apps
  • Must know C++,Python, Java, and JavaScript (BASH scripting too)
  • Insights into compliance laws and data security
  • Security and networking competencies
  • Must know Linux OS and ways to execute Unix commands 
  • Managing complex project management via tools 

Dutiful Responsibilities of an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Cloud practitioners and architects manage an establishment’s cloud computing architecture. Their dutiful role entails the following:

  • Involvement in the cloud migration initiatives
  • Review the overall workload architectures
  • Guide the company and its team to address high-risk issues

These professionals act as the bridge between the business and technical sides of cloud adoption. Besides, they also oversee technical decisions that each developer makes. They check whether the decisions align with the prime business mottos. 

So, do you want to carve a lucrative career in IT with AWS training? So, become an asset for companies that seek to build, migrate, and operate in the cloud. Now is the time to get your initial consultation from Trainocate. Learn more about AWS certification and training for cloud practitioners and gain cloud architecture expertise. 


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