Recent Coworking Trends


Coworking spaces have been there for more than a year now and now the coworking experts suggest that it can grow as much as anyone can’t expect. In recent posts of coworking suggest some new changes and make it even better.

Here are some trends suggested by coworking spaces in noida to improve the environment and move with the current trends.

  • Technology
    Coworking Recent trends suggest that the owners have been more focussed on technology nowadays. Earlier, In many coworking spaces, they hired managers for day and night shifts to help coworkers who would come anytime. Technology has changed all such ways of hiring managers, even a single manager can handle coworking space. Access cards, coworking space management, generating invoices, time trackers, etc. they all become so advanced that you have no need to check daily, you have to check on a weekly or monthly basis. All human interference has been out.
  • Multiple Locations
    As per recent coworking trends, people opt for a space that has more than 1 location in a city since they get an option to work at any of the locations. Many travelers or businessmen opt for coworking spaces that have multi-city locations. If you have a coworking space, it is time to grow, develop, and branch out. If not, then you should surely be a part of some coworking passport program which allows the cardholder to use a selected number of hours at any participating coworking space.
  • Space Design
    Coworking spaces that they are known for, then it would be their interiors. The design of those spaces is so well prepared and completed that people fall in love with space at the first looks. But the recent specific research on Coworking Trends recommends that this is getting better day by day. We have a couple of new co-working spaces starting up on this earth every day and it is the space design which is getting better day by day.
  • Additional Out of Box Services
    As per the latest Coworking trends, shared office spaces have started to provide many new services to their coworkers just like a big corporate company provides to its employees. Some continuing improvements in coworking spaces for 2020 include babysitting, a chartered accountant for your startup, making office space pet-friendly, bank tie-ups for a loan, business account, etc.

If a coworking space is dropping out on these basics activities and does not go the extra mile for its clients, it might soon start falling out customers to recently opened spaces.

  • Connection to Nature
    Recent Trends suggest that coworking spaces are getting more likely towards greenery. A space that has more plants, flowers, and well sustained green walls are apparently more attractive to coworkers. Coworking trends also suggest that new design concepts have also started which include an artificial waterfall, stones, beaches like structures, and other things that represent nature within the space and attract more coworkers.
  • Community, Culture & Classes
    People come to coworking spaces for doing work but as per recent trends in coworking, suggests that doing work at coworking is good but there are some other things which are also needed like weekly lunch to events, yoga classes, meditation classes, all are becoming a part of coworking concept nowadays. This type of activity is optional and frequently occurs over the weekend but the great thing is that they attach up to the long list of offerings that your coworking space provides.
  • The Corporate Shift
    Coworking spaces are used by freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, or small businesses earlier but nowadays corporate companies are also searching coworking spaces for their employees. This change is good for coworking spaces as they get more trust from other members also. The recent coworking trend recommends making your coworking space corporate-friendly. A person should be capable of customizing it and distinguish between small private offices, an open area, and a lounge area.
  • Digital Marketing
    The major coworking course that is choosing up very fast is digital marketing. There is no matter how well space has been built, no matter the area of the space, your space will not attract coworkers until and unless you spread it to the world. Essentially search trends for coworking spaces on search engines are increasing day by day. Investing in PPC or an SEO India company is absolutely worth it. Owners and managers of coworking spaces now understand that a single person who enters in the space is a long-term customer. No matter what the purchase cost of a coworker, it actually pays off in a long time. If you are still not running ads on social media and search engines, you need to start doing it and get more customers in coworking spaces.
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