Reasons to Have an Artwork in Your Office Space and The Ways to Choose It


Offices are the place which can be boring and monotonous sometimes, because all we do here is working, chitchatting or gossiping, being pressurized by our bosses, increasing workloads and politics of our colleagues. This leaves us in a situation where we are very demoralized, exhausted, and dull. And naturally, this will affect our productivity too.

Corporates must keep their employees happy if they want a good profit in return from them. So here comes the role of motivation which can come from changing our office environment or by making the office employee-friendly. One good example of changing your office world is by adding creativity to the space such as artworks. 

Installing thoughtful artwork in your workplace can help improve your employee’s experience and achievement but it will also help to communicate the right message to the guests too. If you are looking for artwork, then you can find some at the artwork galleries or you can check a commission painting artist who can personalise work as per your office space. 

Lana Zueva is one Australian oil paintings artist who has become a full-time artist at the age of 50. Her main works include portraits, still life, landscapes, animals, etc. 

Importance of artworks in your office

  • Workplaces are usually made of desks, doors, and hallways. Our brains usually keep something memorable in them that can live with you for a longer time. The same goes with artwork which can be a landmark that will get imprinted on their minds forever.
  • Artwork can also be a way to address the company policies and the brand messages in a non-verbal way. For example, if a company has displayed an unusual artwork then it simply means that this company does not work traditionally or is marketing less conventional products. 
  • Art is shown beneficial for employees’ well-being and their performance. As we mentioned earlier, the workplace is full of stress, tensions, and exhaustion. So, an artwork that signifies nature can help an employee to release stress and improve his mental energy. It is also seen that it can boost a brain’s performance and lowering of anger in the person. For example, an art that shows discussion amongst employees can result in good interpersonal interactions.
  • Artwork can also be a way to show people that this company culture is all about creativity, innovation, and open conversations. An artwork with places is something that makes an employee feel good and comfortable in sharing his ideas as he might feel connected to this place. For example, an employee from New York City might feel that attachment to the picture of central park.

Certain factors need to be considered while choosing artwork for your office space like the content, texture, positioning, and scale. When you think of bringing positivity in your office, then you can choose options like the grassy areas full of huge trees, gently flowing water, green foliage that has a view to the horizon. Oil painting and visual art have become very good for both offices and homes. But you need to know how to choose it well. 

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