Questions That Are Important For Every Nutrition Coach To Know


 With the increasing number of fast-food joints, problems like obesity and heart diseases are on the rise. People are getting more concerned about their health than ever before. This is where the role of a nutrition coach comes to play.

A nutrition coach is one of the fastest-growing careers these days. They are high in demand as more people are seeking their help. If you are looking for a successful career path then you can opt for nutritional coaching careers.

certified nutrition coach can do well in his/her career provided that he/she has adequate knowledge about the field. In this article, we have listed some questions that every nutrition coach should know to answer.

Questions That Are Important For A Nutrition Coach

Here you go with the questions:

  1. Will carbs make you gain weight?

A macronutrient like carbs, fats and protein, itself does not contribute to your weight unless the quantities are increased significantly.

Carbs are considered to be the bad guys because it can lead to a rise and fall in your blood sugar levels faster than any other nutrients you consume. However, that is not even a problem. The problem arises when you start overeating. Carbs are easy to consume because of which you often end up having more than what you should.

  1. Can reducing the intake of saturated fat lower the risk of heart diseases?

Yes, it can reduce the chances of getting any heart diseases. However, it is not that simple as you think. You need to cut down on your intake based on the recommended guidelines 10% or less than your total calories.

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