Pros and Cons of Accepting Guest Posts for Your Blog


Business owners can launch a blog section on their website. Each brand aims to gain more exposure and reap the rewards. The blog is a great way to add a little humanity to your business website, which is otherwise delivered in a professional and refined way. Content writing is an art, which needs creativity and dedication. 

Before you start guest posting program on your blog, there are certain things you will need to consider. As a blog owner, you will need to use plugins to allow multiple guest post submissions. Add WordPress author bio box plugin, where the guest authors can promote their brand and themselves. Even create guest posting guidelines and criteria to ensure that your blog gets content that offers value to your readers. 

Pros of accepting guest posts for your blog

Inviting guest authors onto your blog offers several advantages.

  • Diversified content – Your blog will get stale if it gets written in a single style. New authors bring new ideas and a fresh perspective. They can breathe a new life in your stagnant blog.
  • Gain access to new audiences – The new guest bloggers bring their followers. It may not be a huge audience, all the time, but every single new reader counts.
  • Build relationships with upcoming authors – Many authors are novices in the blogging landscape. They are making efforts to build authority for themselves. A little push from your blog and they will thank you when they reach a successful height.
  • Tap experts – You are already an authority in your niche, but with multiple authoritarian authors writing on your blog offers a domino effect boost to your blog.
  • No concerns about content writing – Remember each article written by some other author means you don’t need to write it yourself. However, you will need to edit the submitted posts for typos and quality control. It is less work than doing research and creating exclusive content yourself.

Cons of accepting guest posts for your blog

  • Increases spam guest posts – People submit content blindly without reading your submission guidelines. Use a good spam filter as well as take a few precautionary steps. When you post your email publicly, use ‘at’ rather than ‘@’. 
  • Find guest bloggers – Authors will not automatically rush towards your blog for submission, especially when you are still new to blogging. For several months you will need to promote your guest posting program.
  • Evaluate the posts – To ensure that high quality gets published, you need to evaluate and edit every submitted guest post. Accepting the posts at face value can be a bad idea.
  • Time-consuming task – Every year successful blogs obtain thousands of queries. Blog management is time-consuming, which can cause you to neglect core business activities. If you are fortunate to gain success, then you will need to hire more professionals to manage the guest posting program.

The guest blogging program will propel your business blog faster, than doing it solo. Make sure to use the best author plugins for WordPressSimple Author Box Pro is a plugin that will help you showcase different talented authors who are blogging on your website. The plugin is lightweight and will allow you to add an appealing author box including the name, details, and popular social media icons. Give it a try!

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