Preparing to Switch to UCaaS


When people hear you are getting ready for a migration, they think you are planning on immigrating. Instead, you are getting ready for cloud migration to switch to your new UCaaS. This is a process that you will need to prepare your business for. 

Choosing Your Network Requirements and Deployment Architecture

The most important step when choosing to switch to UCaaS is to figure out what network requirements you will need. You will need to decide between a private, multiuser, and public system architecture. Multiuser systems tend to be cheaper, but you will have less control over your system. Private systems are more expensive, but you get almost total control over your UCaaS system. There are many other structures that you can look at, so you will need to narrow it down and choose the right one for your company. 

You will also need to decide which services you want to let the provider take care of. Some companies would rather hand all of their network services to a provider, while others want to retain control of them. It would help if you made this decision before switching to UCaaS. They will help set how much responsibility you will retain and how much your provider will take on. 

Involving Lines of Business and End-Users

Talk to other companies that use UCaaS and ensure the features you want in the version you are interested in. This is safer than assuming all the features you want will be included in each package option. Another option is to ask for a trial run with the new program. This will give you a much better understanding than the few test-calls you can make for free. 

It would be best if you also were to treat your UCaaS migration as a company transformation. This means you should retrain all of your employees and make sure they all understand how to use the new software. This will improve the success your business sees from this migration. Your cloud provider may be able to offer some training modules. These can be in-office training or web-based modules that employees can perform from home. 

Evaluating Service-Level Agreements and Contracts

Like with a physical move, some of the biggest obstacles you face during a switch will not involve technology. The contracts and agreements your company signs could have an impact on the success of your switch. Ensure that you carefully review the contracts and ensure that they have the correct phone number ownership, pricing, and billing schedules that you agreed on in person. You should also note any termination fees if you decide that UCaaS company is not right for your business. Be sure to also search for any additional migration fees you were not made aware of. 

If you want your switch to UCaaS to go smoothly, you need to be properly prepared. It is worth taking the time beforehand to choose the right network requirements, test the program for appropriate features and ease of use, and thoroughly read your contracts. 


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