Perfect PTA Fundraising Events for Every Season


Every year, raising funds for your alma mater is quite a challenging one, especially if you are one of the members of the PTA or Parents and Teachers Association in the school. You have given the privilege to coordinate with your co-members to create various fundraising events. This kind of action will keep and maintain a fixed cash flow in your organization.

To expand the learning of each student, and to improve existing facilities, PTA members should provide active fundraisers in your school.

Here, we are going to interpret some of the best PTA fundraising ideas for the entire season.

1.Bowl-a-Thon Event

If you want a successful fundraising event, make it plain and simple. One game that features the same characteristics is a bowl-a-thon

A Bowl-a-thon is a perfect fundraising event for everyone, especially kids. Students love to play along with their friends outside the school, and even with their families. So, bowl-a-thon is a total package not only provides entertainment but also collects funds from all participants. Then, the managed funds will go straight away to the school.  To learn more about the best fundraising methods, you can check out Fundraising Zone.

The rules are simple; players can collect money upon:

  • Getting a strike

You can give instant cash of $5 for every strike they made.

  • Single point system

For every point you make, you can donate $0.50.

This fundraising event provides a small principal cost but can generate a very high profit for just a single night of fun. You can schedule this event for at least twice a year and select a weekend day for a chance to involve the whole family.

  1. Plan a Walkathon Event

Many PTA members believe that a walkathon is the best fundraising event for your school needs.

Walkathon brings a lot of advantages to a person or a group.

  • First, it is a prevalent form of exercise because you only need to walk to finish the entire course.
  • Walkathon promotes a healthy lifestyle and boosts your heart’s vitality.
  • It creates a stronger bond between you and your friends.
  • It makes you feel happy by donating some money to your school facilities.

There are two ways on how each student will get an opportunity to raise money from their family, friends, or even to your school:

  1. Accumulate funds for each kilometer walked by the amateurs
  2. Collect donations by merely registering for any participating walkathon event.

With the proper handling of the materials and the right choice of volunteers during the event, PTA members can easily reach the target goal for the year. It is truly remarkable and very inspiring in the field of charity events.

  1. Create a Read-athon Activity

If you want to arrange a creative and profitable fundraising activity for your school, then, readathon is here to the rescue. Each member of the class can participate in this activity, whether they are a bookworm or just a simple reader who is required to read a book manual during their lessons.

Participating in any event outside the school premises seems to be odd for some students. But, with a readathon, kids can work outside their comfort zone. It is because they can gather some money by merely reading a book. Here’s how they can collect a pledge:

  • The number of books read in one day
  • The number of pages reads in one day and
  • Total number of hours they read

The collected money will go straight away to your school charity. It can be used for improving the library facilities or purchasing new books for the young generation.

Also, the sponsors who give some donated funds will like this kind of fundraising event. It is because it creates a strong foundation and builds academic excellence for each student, which motivates them to donate more monetary funds for the students.

  1. Plan a Volunteer-a thon Activity

A volunteer-a thon fundraising event provides two advantages. It gives the student a privilege to work in the community. At the same time, they can generate money for every hour they volunteer.

Planning a volunteer-a thon activity together with your PTA members is not a tough task, especially if you are working together as a team. So, take this golden opportunity to raise some donations that will benefit most your school and, at the same time, contribute some remarkable actions to your community.

Doing any fundraising event for your school is a win-win situation for everyone. It provides extra funds for the improvement of the school and also, it builds up a good and more reliable relationship outside your school community. So start working on some fundraising events for your school and enjoy working these events with your friends and loved ones.

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