Overall Cost for The Car Shipping – How Does the Transportation Idea Works?


If you are planning to get your car shipped from one location to another, then you should be knowing about the possible charges that might be applicable for it. Normally, the possible charges for interstate transport will be around $500. If the option of car shipping includes intercountry, then the possible charges might be about $1500.

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Cost for Shipping SUV, Trucks and Cars

Normally, the actual cost for shipping a car will be starting from $650 and might exceed till $1200, based on the type of vehicle and also based on the place of the delivery of shipment. Shipping cost of a vehicle will also be determined based on the dimension of that particular vehicle.

For instance, the shipping companies might cost you $600 to $900 for shipping sedans from one location to another, whereas the same shipping companies will cost you about $800 to $1200 for shipping pickup trucks, vans and SUVs for the same distance, like the cars.

Calculating the Shipping Cost for Your Vehicle

The shipping cost of a car or any other such vehicle will be calculated based on the distance covered multiplied by the cost per mile, as agreed by the shipping company. Before finalizing any shipping company, it is suggested to go through the online portals to learn more about the current shipping charges that are decided by many vehicle shippings companies.

Once you have finalized a shipping company and have fixed the day of shipping, the next step would be to determine the process with which you require your car to be delivered to you. There are many ways that can help you with finalizing the shipping of your car. Some are listed below.

  1. The mode of Delivery

This involves two steps of car delivery.

  • Terminal to Terminal Car Delivery: wherein your car will be delivered to a drop-off location. You might have to manually take care of the car delivery from the time your car reaches a terminal till your home.
  • Doorstep Delivery: wherein your care will be delivered to your doorstep.
  1. Car Truck for the Shipping

This involves two different kinds of shipping trucks.

  • Enclosed Transport Service: wherein your car will be delivered in a truck that has an enclosed storage unit.
  • Open Transport Service: wherein your care will be transported in a truck that doesn’t have an enclosed storage facility for cars.

Once you decide the above-mentioned factors, the next step is to discuss the insurance service, delay policy and shipping fees and rates for the car shipping. This will help you with deciding whether or not to proceed with any shipping company, for getting your car delivered to the new address.

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