Optimize For Conversion Rate by Integrating SEO, UX and Social Listening


An advanced SEO company in Hong Kong would have helped businesses starting to do both conversion rate optimization (CRO) and search engine optimization (SEO) at the same time when it is time for the businesses to redesign their company websites. The story begins like this: When your local Hong Kong user cannot even figure out how to quickly move through your site, there is no hope that she is going to hang around long enough to make any further decision. Let alone she is going to leave her contact information with your business or buy any product from you. This is an area that the local HK business owners should be aware of – Structure your company website according to content hierarchies, and it will be a lot easier to browse through.

Make your company site as much mobile-friendly as possible and load as fast as possible when Hong Kong audience visit it. Years ago, Google has already mentioned that mobile-first indexing is important. It may be to some extent important to SEO, but it is more essential for user experience (UX). It is the base to build up a good experience for the users. The mobile users used to be people who are less likely to buy a product from your site. But this is not any more a true fact. On top of that, your target audience have been increasingly relying on their mobile devices when researching the products in your niche.

Usually, you should let people to load your pages for less than 5 seconds before they can see your website in their browsers. If you are able to achieve this for the Hong Kong local users, at least you are helping Google and Yahoo to better crawl the pages of your company website. This in turn gives a signal to Google that your site has a higher quality. Speed is important.

Another overlooked place is how your company is displayed in the eyes of your Hong Kong audience. Your message is expected to be clear and shows clarity, when the users access it from either desktop computers or mobile devices. The text on your web pages should always be clear and focused, and should match user expectations. An example is that your description in the search results (of Google and Yahoo) should always match the content on your page when the users click the search results to get onto your page.

An area that scares many marketers is the shopping cart. When your HK business aims for Conversion rate improvement, it has to do with cart abandonment rate. This certainly applies more to businesses that have online shops or stores.

Social listening is often done only randomly by social media marketing specialists. But the SEO team would want to capture this data for analysis and use it for purpose in conversion rate optimization. Your local users normally tend to be very forthcoming on social media platforms, especially when they have some negative experience when engaging with your product. All you can do is to stay in-tune with what your audience are posting and engaging with on the major social media sites. By doing this, you are gaining valuable insight into their pain points. This data will benefit your work for conversion rate optimization.


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