Online Giving: 3 Innovative Ways to Support Charity through Social Media


We all are human beings, and as humans, we always feel the urge to give and help each other out of misery and to help each other to secure a better and brighter future. Arguably giving money is one of the best ways to help someone and give charity, But we always think that there is something more which we can do, which can help in more than one way. But if we do not have much time or talent to campaign or to volunteer that is fine. As there are many other ways through which we can engage and help to make a difference.

Thanks to social media, that now it is much easier than before to support and help promote our favorite charity and engage with them. So here are three innovative ways through which we can support the charity through social media without leaving a computer.

Share info on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:

Today we have taken the internet for granted, it can be a great tool that enables us to share easily about the things we care about. We can write a post on Facebook, Instagram, or tweet about it followed by leaving the link of their homepage in footnotes. Although it may seem a simple gesture as a matter of fact it can create a great impact and set in a chain of sharing of that post.

For instance, we can think of it as looking it at another way that is to post, which will be seen by several hundreds of our friends, of which some might repost it or even share it with their friends, in turn, which will be shared by their friends. This will make help make spread awareness because if we find a message compelling and we shared it with others, chances are they will find it compelling too. Hence we should share the message and the word about the relevant campaign whenever possible full stop

Write a blog post:

David Alston, who is a renowned author aptly said “Social media is not media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.”

If we are moved by some cause or organization which supports them, we can take even one step ahead and start writing blogs about it as a simple tweet won just cut in. We can create maximum impact by blogging on timely events, especially the events in which people can get involved directly. Apart from that, we can take topics such as when the charity will be hosting an event, or when and how they are looking for volunteers, this will help the charity in a way even when we are not available directly for them.

Follow and subscribe:

By following and subscribing to the channel of a favorite charity we will not only get the latest updates about the project and accomplishments but we will also be able to support them in many ways. We should hence follow them on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to their email or press letters as well as their YouTube channel if they have any. For instance, we can take We Charity which was founded by Craig Kielburger along with his brother Marc Kielburger, which provides a holistic development model called WE Villages, helping to lift more than one million people out of poverty in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and help them by providing opportunities to develop socially as well as economically. By doing so we will be in touch with them and will get to learn about the Special events, petitions as well as volunteering opportunities, and a call for action and news.

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