Most Effective Farming Tips That Every Farmer Should Know



Farming is not as easy as it seems. A farmer must make lots of efforts to take care of his crops. Therefore, a farmer should have excellent knowledge of agricultural farming, crops, and other related things. Anyone can become a farmer if he has good knowledge of agriculture. So, if anyone wants to be a successful and expert farmer, you should first gain some required understanding of agricultural farming, strategies, methods, tools, etc. You can use an agriculture app for the same. Following are some of the most effective and essential tips that every farmer should know:

Create a farming plan –

First, you should make a farming plan. You should decide what crops and how much quantity you want to produce and grow on your agricultural land. You should also identify the purpose of growing crops on your farming land and evaluate the profit margin you want to achieve per your budget, investment, and efforts. And make a list of different farming practices that will need to be performed step by step to attain short-term farming goals. Also, decide the price or cost for your farming crops to achieve the desired profit. So, in this way, you should create a plan before beginning any farming activity. You can also use a farming app to get advice for the same.

Crop selection –

You should have excellent knowledge about which season is best for growing different types of crops. You should think and make decisions like a Kisan while selecting crops for agricultural farming. Crop selection is one of the essential things for which you need to be very careful. You should keep the following key factors into consideration while selecting the crops:

  • The farming location or site
  • Availability of land
  • Climate conditions
  • Mandi Bhav of the crops that you want to produce in the market 
  • Availability and quality of water
  • Soil type
  • Efforts you can make for taking care of your crops, etc.

Soil preparation –

You should follow the essential steps for soil preparation. Do not skip any step. These are the vital steps that every farmer should follow for successful farming – Ploughing, Leveling, and Manuring. Follow these three steps for soil preparation. Key factors to keep in mind for soil preparation are as follows:

  • Soil texture
  • soil compaction
  • cation exchange capacity
  • organic matter concentration, etc.

Irrigation at regular intervals –

Performing regular irrigation practices is essential for successful farming. In the beginning, you can use the dip irrigation technique. However, it will become easy to use the dip irrigation method as you can get the help of a machine to manage the practice. Wells, lakes, ponds, dams, and canals are one of the best water sources you can use for irrigation. 

Pests and disease management –

Pests and diseases in the plant can ruin all the efforts that you have made intending to grow crops successfully. So, it is essential to manage pests and diseases in plants by following the listed methods:

  • Encourage soil health
  • Focus on crop rotation
  • Crop diversity preservation
  • Protect against pests, etc. 

So, these are the most effective agriculture tips every farmer should follow. You can also join an online farmer community to learn more about plants and farming. 

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