Matthew Davies Discusses If Gaming Spreads Hate



With the onset of technology in every section of our life, online video games are greatly encompassing the entire spare time of our lives. You have forgotten to appreciate the goodness in and around you; rather the zeal of winning and crossing over to the next level of the game is much more evident. Mathew Davies tries to examine whether this trend of gaming has started the spread of hatred among people.

The Discussion

  1. Non-appreciative of the surroundings – Whether in trains, buses, back seats of cars, or even walking leisurely; people are often seen with their heads down diligently playing some type of online game. People have forgotten to praise the natural surroundings, the beauty of nature, the expressions on the faces of strangers, and their journey. When you see greenery and happy faces around you, a sense of positivity is instilled in you. In the absence of this, negativity rules in your consciousness which results in hatred.
  1. Cyberbullying – The worst outcome of gaming is cyberbullying. Venomous taunts over voice chats, racists comments, and extreme threats among the various online gamers are not uncommon anymore. Sometimes, it blows out of manageable proportions. There have been instances when such comments have played with the mental state of some players to the extent that they take an extreme step with a view to bringing an end to all of this.
  1. Violent games – There are numerous games that allow players to jump to the next level and win a prize if they kill the characters of the game or successfully destroys the gaming map. When such hideous and evil games are played constantly, it imbalances the righteous conscience. People tend to think that killing others is quite normal as they are doing the same in their video games. The best proof of this is the growing instances of shootouts by kids in schools over some of the most trivial issues.
  1. Disrespect towards the elders – When you are playing games that allow you to disobey your parents and do what you wish for; you tend to do the same in your real life too. The gaming culture is taking away the core cultural values. It instills the feeling of hatred as it shows possessing a gun, bomb, tank, and other such things add a ‘cool’ touch to your gaming character.
  1. Kills the leisure time of children – Kids these days are so much involved in gaming that they prefer to stay indoors with their gadgets rather than spending time outdoors. With limited social life, kids don’t know how to react when they meet actual people. Lack of experience in etiquettes and social gatherings tend to make them reclusive. As gaming culture hardly uses decent language or manners, such kids are not welcomed by society. This, in turn, increases the feeling of hate and despair among such children.


Matthew Davies feels that you should limit the time on gaming sites. Be very careful about the kind of games you choose to play and how much time you spend on it. Virtual life should never take over real life.

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