Marketing Involves Various Discipline to Serve Its Purpose


In a very simple language marketing is a discipline where one tries to buy, sell, and build a relationship with the customer so that it brings profit. It is a process of understanding the customers and their needs so that one can mold their products and their uses according to their needs. It is an emerging field and involves advertisement, promotion by press release and brochure. A company hires many business professionals to sell their product at a larger scale in such a way that they maintain a healthy relationship with the customers and at the same time bring profit to the company.

Every one might give a different interpretation of marketing, you can find one at . All interpretation might seem different but has the same basics.

Purpose of marketing

The process of marketing is such that it should make customers interested and involved in a product. Marketing involves studies like research and analysis so that one can understand the ideal interest of their customer.

The marketing even bloomed once media came into the picture as the product could be commonly known to the customers and this was known as modern marketing. The purpose of marketing is to ideally attract customers so that a large population of people knows about the product.

Marketing may be defined differently by different individuals. One such definition can be found at but the concept of marketing remains the same.

Importance of advertising in marketing

Advertising is one of the major elements of marketing. The product and services that a company offers must be known to all. Advertising is the key where strategic effort takes place to target customers. The companies usually pay for the advertisement. The common channels of advertisement include social media, television, Google and its services, and the press.

It is important to choose such a means of advertisement such that it is available to everyone and the targeted customers are reached.


Marketing is not a new discipline, it has been there even before marketing was defined. It is a business process where one buys, sells, and builds a healthy relationship with their customers such that it gives profit. One might find various explanations of marketing like one in but it stands on the same ground. The onset of marketing has given a great boost to the economy and is believed to be continued as long as the exchange takes place.


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