Mark Roemer Looks at The Best Places to Get Pizza in The World



Pizza is undoubtedly one of the most popular dishes in the world. According to Mark Roemer, there are many pizza lovers who are ready to travel a long distance for the love of their food. If you are one of those people, it is necessary for you to know where you can find the best pizzas in the world.

The Places

Here are some of the best places to get pizzas in the world:

  1. Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles – Cooking is an art and so is the preparation of pizza. At Pizzeria Mozza, pizza is prepared by beautifully blending the ingredients of California and crust. The pizza of this place is known for its crust and it is both chewy and crispy apart from being sweet and sour. The pizza of this place is so reputed that you have to wait for a long time to get a seat. But still, hundreds of customers wait in line as they don’t want to miss the pizza of this place no matter how hungry they are.
  2. La GattaMangiona in Rome – This is another place where you can find one of the best wood-fired pizzas. The chef of this place is very enthusiastic about the preparation of pizza and he always comes up with a new experiment with dough and seasonings. However, you can always experience the traditional flavors and also some offbeat flavors. You can also find some toppings of edible flower-flavor, especially during the spring season. So, if you ever visit Rome, never forget to taste the special pizza from this place.
  3. Paulie Gee’s in New York – If you are a pizza lover and looking for a good slice of pie in New York then it is always recommended to go to this place. This is one of the few places where you will find quality with creativity and innovation. This place has a number of options for vegetarians, vegans, as well as for non-vegetarians. If you ever visit this place, you must order a craft beer and a slice of pizza and you can surely get the best pizzerias in New York at this place.
  4. Pizzeria L’Operetta in Singapore – This place is certified by Verace Pizza Napoletana Association (VPNA) and if you want to enjoy Napoletana Pizzas then this place is certainly one of the best. Apart from that, this place is also best for those people who like to experiment with food and want to enjoy a unique style of pizza. The good thing is that you will get Japanese ingredients even in the Napoletana Pizza.
  5. Goodfellas at Goa in India – This is another good place for eating pizzas and also offers a slice of Tuscany and Sardinia. If you ever visit Goa and you are looking forward to having something other than Goandelicacies, then this place can impress your palate with their exciting pizza flavors.


According to Mark Roemer, pizzas are best enjoyed with extra mozzarella cheese. Of course, you can opt for extras that suit your personal taste better too. Just be sure to eat the bread while it’s hot.

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