Let your inner self Glow with Glo Meditation Online App


If you want to improve the way that you feel each-and-every day, consider giving yourself time for quiet contemplation and meditation. You may need to carve out some time in the morning before your household awakens for the day, or perhaps at night after children have gone to bed. Whenever you decide to practice and whatever your schedule allows, meditation online provides a convenient platform and easy access to mindful and meditative sessions with a free trial period for new users, practitioners, and yogis.

Let us jump in and answer a few common questions that you may ask:

What is Glo?

You will be amazed at how different you feel- more restored and recharged- when you take time to meditate daily. It is an integral element of self-care and for you to be the best version of yourself for others. Life can be busy and maybe you can’t commit to going to a class or instructor for guided meditation. While anyone can learn to meditate, Glo offers online yoga and meditation instruction and guidance- plus, you can do it anywhere! Don’t worry about leaving home for a class after a long day; tune in from the comfort of your own home.

What are the options?

The selection of meditation practice options is truly inspiring. Glo offers a variety of course offerings for meditation online, including Yoga with resistance, Pilates for newcomers, audio meditation like ‘The Conscious Commute’, and master classes for advanced practitioners. Try something new and step outside your comfort zone to tap into your full potential. Believe in yourself; we do!

Begin a new commitment with the Ultimate Restorative with Amy or get in touch with your inner self with ‘Goddess Flows’ with Stephanie. Meditation 101 with David is the perfect way to start and explore how meditation, yoga, and other self arts can enhance everyday life.

How easy is it?

 Any and all courses on Glo can be downloaded to any device and taken anywhere outside the home to use at will, whenever you wish. Also, make sure to take advantage of the free trial that allows you to sample what Glo has to offer before making the commitment to monthly, quarterly, six-month, or annual plans. Got someone special in your life? Give them the gift of Glo with plans tailored to the time frame that the giver chooses; what could be a more meaningful gift than that?

Want to learn more?

Glo wants to help you fulfill your potential; their mission is simple: to encourage you to become strong, engage actively, and live fully. It is really that simple. Meditation, yoga, and mindfulness are the key to holistic health and wellness, and Glo has been endorsed by industry insiders, including Good, Forbes, Time, and more.

There are so many benefits of meditation apps, including less stress, more focus, and improved overall wellbeing. Let your inner self glow with Glo Meditation Online; what do you have to lose? Start your free trial today.

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