LED Decoration InVintage Style


Speaking of Vintage, we are referring to the lamp designs of several years ago but which cannot yet be considered as real antiques. Not to be confused with the term “Retro,” which refers to objects made today with a style and an antique design. They both have very similar terminologies but with a small differential nuance.

If you are a classic lover, you can decorate your home or business with a Vintage Style by using different elements as well as Vintage Lamps and also get you best designs here. The combination of colors and elements will give an atmosphere from the 30s to the 60s. White is the dominant tone, mixed with wine and pastel colors. Add to this period furniture such as nightstands, dressers, and vintage style lamps. The variety is very ample, and their designs are large and minimalist.

Ancient And Modern Combination

The lamps in vintage suspension are often large and have branches and arms completed in many light bulbs, such as spider lamps. The designs of this era were based on the large dimensions and the variety of materials that were used for its manufacture: metal, wood, brass, and others are part of these classic luminaires.

Among the best-known models: the “Cage” type lamp that mimics bird cages or Lamps made of piping that evoke the industrial period: these are the latest trends in large loft spaces.

The “Black Widow” a perfect illustration of this dangerous spider or simpler styles like an octopus. We can also give a unique touch with Vintage Floor Lamps, characterized by long arms and thin. Classic Wall Sconces of this style can also be used to give an original touch of light to the walls.

Vintage Type Bulbs

What is certain is that on the market, there is a very wide range of products for lighting dating from the 30s to the 60s. Regardless of the age of the lamps or wall lamps, you can find the Vintage LED bulb appropriate.

You will get a vintage style of decoration with this old touch using the best and most modern lighting of the market, as are the LED bulbs while saving energy.

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