Learn About Fly and Insect Screens to Protect Your Family


Whether it is winter or summer, when you open the window for fresh air without a fly screen, then you invite many insects and flies’ home. During summer and humid climate, flies, mosquitoes, bugs, and other insects are commonly seen in all places like homes, offices, restaurants, drains, shops, roads, etc. It is a myth that flies and bugs are seen only in dirty areas.

The best way to keep flies, mosquitoes, and other insects away from home, but breathe fresh air along, is by installing a fly screen door. Fly screen doors are frequently used as a cover for the main door. It is situated in front of your front door. It protects your house from any insects, flies, and mosquitoes entering when the main door is wide open. So now you can breathe cool fresh air without any fly entering.

Premier Screens is a UK based company that supplies and installs fly screens and insect screens. They have been in this business for the last 25 years, which makes them a trustworthy and reputable company that provides a good quality product to their clients. They customize the screens, which are suitable for businesses and homes as well.  Their entire screens are made of aluminium finished with a polyester coating that makes them durable and last for years.


At first look, all screens look the same. There are different types of materials used to make the fly screen. Different materials have their unique benefits.

  • PVC coated Fibreglass that doesn’t rust, stain or corrode.
  • Aluminium is durable than fiberglass, but can dent or crease with time.
  • Stainless Steel is good for homes that are surrounded by bushes and are good for security reasons.
  • Solar screens provide shade and absorb heat which makes them ideal for porches and other open areas.
  • Pet screen is made of vinyl-coated polyester which is tough and protects the screen from pet scratches.

Different Types of Screens

There may be various types of screens in the market, but there are three commonly used fly and insect screens.

  • Retractable screens are also known as roller screens which are a roll of mesh inside a cassette. As you pull the screen the rolled mesh unrolls and extends and covers the entire door or window.
  • Pleated Fly Screen is just roller screens, in this case, the mesh doesn’t roll, but folds in pleats.
  • Hinged fly screens are made to fit on the door side with the help of a hinged framework. This allows the door to swing to shut or open.

Fly screen contains mesh that has small holes to block the tiniest insects. With insects, it also protects the house most of the time from dirt and pollution. Therefore, it is natural for the fly screen to get dirt, which means it needs regular cleaning too.

Here are a few tips to clean the house –

Detachable screen

  • Remove the screen and take it outside the house. If you stay in an apartment, then take it to your washroom.
  • Lay it on the floor and wash it with a garden hose or running tap.
  • Scrub with warm water and soap using a hard brush for aluminium or stainless steel or sponge for fibreglass
  • Wash all residues and leave them in the open air to dry. Later fix it back to its normal place.

Fixed Screens

  • Remove dirt by dabbing dry cloth or brush.
  • Use vacuum cleaner frequently to keep it clean always.

Fly and insect screens are good for protecting your family and pets from unwanted guests. It not only keeps insects out, but you also feel secure. Follow these simple tips to know more about fly and insect screens and buy the right type for your house.

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