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The solutions to the questions in the academic curriculum perform a vital role in a student’s life. Answering every question to the chapters given in the prescribed textbook makes the student feel monotonous. The academics of Class 10 intensifies the knowledge of the students and helps in scoring top grades in the upcoming board exams of Class 10. It furnishes a brief idea on how to answer the questions in a distinct manner and also highlights the practical and theoretical knowledge of the subject. These solutions to the question also equate the concepts with live examples and focus on real-life applications. The examples, ideas and topics are in hand to hand with today’s open-ended drift. Students can easily grasp the subject and build their own ideas and make new innovations.

Types of questions

The solutions provided sharpens on giving solutions to all the problems raised by the student. It lays the foundation for all the subject matter and assures that the basic concepts are crystal clear to the students. Students can easily access all sorts of questions and answers. One can easily get connected to the subject and flow along with the topics. This  Lakhmir Singh Solutions has all sorts of questions like multiple choice questions, match the following, name the following questions, fill in the blanks, very short answers, short answer type questions, long answer type questions and also questions based on diagrams. The students will get to know how to present the answer in the examination and will also come to know about the relevant points that must be included in the answers.  The level of confidence is raised and students will have the urge to learn more.


Physics is a subject that combines with science and technology. One has to have a complete grip on the subject. The Lakhmir Singh Physics Class 10 embeds the concepts of physics in a student’s mind. The topics of the subject are incorporated in a simple manner connecting with today’s invention and technology. Many numerical and diagrams related to the lessons are explained. The solutions are described diagrammatically and the derivations related to formulas are highlights of this book. Students develop an interest in the subject and build confidence to write answers in their own words. Students will discover easy access to all sorts of questions coming up next in their board exams. The formulas and related physics laws are tabulated after every chapter for easy summarising. This is a reliable platform to raise all doubts and answers are available readily. The solution here is an easy capsule to gulp down all the concepts of the subject and showcase it in an examination.

Chapter name and details

Chapter Number Name of the chapter
01 Electricity
02 Magnetic Effects of Current
03 Sources of Energy
04 Reflection of light
05 Refraction of Light
06 The Human Eye and the Colorful World

The solutions given here are a complete ensemble for the students. Variant colourful pages, diagrams, equations, flowcharts develop an interest to read more in children. The student will automatically gain confidence and make him ready to write the examination.

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