Know the Difference between Insect Screens and Security Screens


Ensuring your home fully secure and peaceful remains among the high priority list for most of the people in UK. Therefore, people prefer security screen types of doors and windows to protect their families so that they can also get proper view of the outside environment too.

However, if you like to choose between the installation of either fly screens and security screens, then there are a few key factors that you must know before you go for your purchase.

If you are looking for insect screens, then you can get this item from UK Fly Screens, as they are manufacturing these screens that are meant for your home. These screens can help in preventing any insect from entering your home.

Safety screen

Usually, a safety screen can offer protection from any intruders and let the breeze coming in and also keep out the bugs.  However, it is only a kind of visual deterrent that can stop an intruder to easily enter your home, but one can penetrate them eventually. 

Another safety screen available offers a fall prevention screen that prevents young kids to fall out of windows. Particularly for 2nd story rooms, such a fall prevention type of safety screen is helpful as it will allow opening windows to open without restriction. 

Security screen

Also, the security screen offers almost the same benefits, but is specifically engineered for keeping intruders out. Only security is kept in mind while designing these security screens. 

The following are the basic differences between them.

  • Different materials

Two screens generally are made of different materials. Since, insect screens are only meant for screening insects, they are made of aluminium. However, security screens are also meant for protecting against any human intruders hence they are made of any stronger material like stainless steel, etc.  

These security screens are usually not hand-made and made under certain rules and regulations.

  • Security differences

As you know, security screen products are meant for keeping both insects and people out, whereas your insect screen will just keep insects out.

Usually, fly screens are never regulated by the UK security requirements and hence you can remove insect screen easily especially if the intruder is armed.

Security screens will offer much higher safety because of superior material, following certain security standards, and triple-lock system that is needed. 

  • Durability

While creating security screen doors, always longevity is kept in mind. They can withstand tough conditions and different weather events. They also carry a warranty hence even an installation and manufacturing fault warranty will be covered.

However, fly screens often get damaged over time due to sun exposure, which can change their colours. Also, because of wear and tear, holes may get created.

  • Price

Last but not least, the basic difference between the 2 screen products is due to their price. Because of the differences pointed out above, insect screens may get significantly cheaper as compared to security screen products. This is because of the lack of any industry regulation, and also cheaper material. 

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