Jeff Lopes: Meet a Young Entrepreneur and get a Grab of his Success Story


My whole persona can be defined as a hustler who keeps on hustling from a young age. I even sold sports cards at a young age and started my venture at the age of 17. The core of entrepreneurs was in there from the start. For me, businesses are not just commercialized platforms. It has been a passion oriented projects that holds all the attributes. However, it is evident that I failed in some, but taken the lessons from them also. I work hard after every failure, and that is the crux.

What are the ventures you are into?

I am indulged in two sectors. I founded a Boxing and Martial Art Equipment Brand, i.e. Kimurawear, which provides lifestyle and training products. The athleisure department is our core as it also provides customized products. This brand has gained its fair share of popularity. It has almost 1800 gyms in North America, which use products from my brand, and it has sold over a quarter-million pairs of boxing gloves. Other than that, I started a holding company that works in the sector of real estate, which is known as True Blue Homes. This venture emphasizes real estate properties and vacation rental business.

What are the perks of being an entrepreneur?

For me, the summation of the perks depends upon three 3 “F” – Freedom, Freedom, and Freedom.

  • With the entrepreneurship into my kitty, I have the freedom to wake up each day and can follow my passion.
  • This also enables me to have the freedom to spend quality time with my friends and family. My self made schedule is the foremost advantage I get by being an entrepreneur.
  • Apart from the above two, I have the freedom to make you rich with the sharing of credible ideas that can help you on your entrepreneurial journey.

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What will be your advice for your young entrepreneurs?

Just opting for entrepreneurship will not help you. You need proper knowledge. Those who attained success have their own stories of struggle. If you want to be an entrepreneur, then it is wise to understand all the perks and cons of the same. Do not expect a cakewalk, it is going to be an amalgamation of failures as well as success. You can be in touch with my podcast known as Jeff Knows Inc

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