Is There A Way To Know Who Views Your Twitter Profile?


When we use any of the social media sites and also have an account on the social site we always eager to post or tweet something new. The thing that which helps us to increase our followers on the social media site and we will popular. And also in between this, also eager to know that who viewed your Twitter profile and who is he. But it is quite difficult to say that who view your tweet or profile. Even there is a short way to know how much people react to your tweet, how many people see the tweet on your Twitter account but does not specifically say that who the person is, who used to watch your tweet.

You can also use another way that is if you have an account on Twitter. Then you can log in to your account and check your profile or your post and a new page will open on your screen. On that screen you see something like:

Last 28 days summary:

Tweets              Tweet Impressions                Profile visits               Mentions

49                        21.1k                                        350                               50

That means in the last 28 days you tweeted 49 times that is seen by 21100 people, and 350 people are visited your Twitter profile. And also I have been mentioned 50 times in the tweets. And on the behalf of this measurement, you can think and take a little guess that how many people see your tweet. Even there is no specific way described as Facebook, how to see who viewed your Twitter profile and you just take a guess for your profile and tweet.

Even you can also get the notification when someone re-tweet on your tweet or post on Twitter. And you can also manage the notifications that in how many days you will notifications from Twitter for this.

But this question can you see who viewed your Twitter is still a question for you. Because Twitter does not provide this facility to their users. They just show the numbers but not the specific name of the person. Even if someone tweet or comment on your post and mentions you then you can see them or their name. But cannot see who views your Twitter profile and for how many times. Even you can create your page on Twitter without any issue invite people to follow your page on Twitter.

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