Is presenteeism good for your organisation?


Presenteeism is plaguing productivity for real. If you are someone who has no idea as to what presenteeism is, let us explain. It is a work culture where employees no matter what make it a point to come to the organisation. This can happen due to a myriad of reasons and the quality of work can be impacted drastically. Employers anyway give rise to presenteeism as the employees who are seen sitting in the office and working all-time get a high accord in their eyes. Because of this, the employees start thinking that only those employees will get praised or get an appraisal who will work regularly, not take leaves, deliver more than they are asked for and abhor from taking leaves even when they are sick. There can also be an instance where the child of an employee is not in good spirits but still, he or she is making sure that they come to the office. The same leads to a drastic fall in performance of not just them as an individual but the company as well. This way such employees are not able to be a good employee and may fail as a parent, daughter, son or husband, a wife sometimes. Actually, when there is attendance management software deployed at your workplace, the policies should be defined. You must also mention the number of leaves that an employee must avail.

What increases presenteeism?

The array of reasons that give rise to presenteeism are given below. Before that, you must know the people responsible for it. The manager, the unrealistic deadlines, and the incentives or bonuses or appraisals the employees are after are the real instigators. Apart from this when it comes to bosses, the employees may be expected to work on a vacation or they may be making the employees feel ashamed of taking leaves. Telling them that they were missed normally is okay but getting infuriated or taunting them every now and then can make the employees gloomy.

So, such treatment even after implementing an attendance management software that can factor in the leaves and absences and presents easily to calculate paid day is totally unjustified. As an employer, it should be your foremost task to look at the plight and do something about it. This increases the level of unhappiness amongst your employees, which unintentionally starts reflecting in their performance and the attrition rate of your company also drops. Start telling them that you are okay with leaves when they are required, just that you support planned leaves more. Educate them about their benefits and tell them that they can avail paid time off, sick days, personal days off when they want to. It is their right.

Let us also state some facts to you, there are many instances when employees are given an expression of disdain, said a no right away, you should change your behaviour and start treating employees the way they deserve. This way you are only making their morals low and making them more resentful.

Another case can be that of the too ambitious and dedicated employee, if there is some employee like this, you must ask them to take several days off.

How can this be fixed?

First thing is to see if you have an attendance management software or not. If you don’t have one, you must start looking for HRIS software India has so that you can select the right one. Another thing that you must do is do a culture check. If there are managers who are setting an example of coming to work even when you are sick then this must be corrected as soon as possible. It is so because employees see the seniors fo their organisation as an example. It is also necessary for you to give enough leaves into the account of each employee that he doesn’t fear using all of them before the year ends.

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