Is Buying a Used Model of Audi Q5 More Beneficial?


Many can get turned off with the idea of buying a used car. But if you are aware of the current market trend, and the fact, that even used cars can be new, would you still feel the same? We bet, you won’t.

Especially, when you get an expensive car like the Audi Q5 at half of its counter price for new models, while the edition will be as good as new, say, from the 2019 or 2020 model year lineup, then it is normal to have a change of mind. You can even think, at that point, if buying a used version of such a quality luxury car will be more beneficial. When we had the same question in mind, we preferred to ask our friend who is associated with the used car dealership in Bakersfield for an honest advice, and here is what we learned from him.

If you Get the 2020 Model Year Edition

If it sounds too good to believe that you might also get a used version of the 2020 Audi Q5 model, then you can simply search around the internet and see, if even your neighborhood dealerships have them. The chances of getting one is quite big, since, the recent trend says, you sell off you’re existing newly bought car, if you like another, before it gets old, and loses its market value. So, many owners who are passionate about owning the latest edition cars would like to trade in their recently bought models, and you can get lucky, if you come to know about one.

How you Gain

The 2020 Audi Q5 models are still selling hot in the market. Many dealerships are selling out their new versions even now. So, you get all the latest features that were installed in the latest version of this magnificent car, especially if the model was loaded with some optional ones. But since you are getting a used version, you would not have to pay for anything extra. You get to own a new Audi Q5 model but get it at the price of used one.

What you get by default is a warm and cozy, leather upholstered cabin with heated seats, that are power adjustable if you occupy the front one. For infotainment, you get to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that will work with Google Maps satellite to guide you through the best possible route.

Being in Power

Things will not change under the hoods of a 2020 Audi Q5 models if you buy a used version. They will be supreme in road handling, since even the base model will have 248 horsepower at its disposal. If the used model you are getting is of a higher trim, you get 349-hp to deliver a relentlessly skilled performance even on off-roads. if you are managing the steering, you can get the effects of a buttoned-down suspension and an  8-speed automatic transmission to smother down the road imperfections, assured our friend who serves at the showroom of the Bakersfield used car dealer.

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