Intex Pool Pump Troubleshooting


Index is a reputable manufacturer for a long time. They are mostly famous for above ground pools. In the Intex pools review, I already informed you how much people love their products. But, that doesn’t let loose its shortcomings.

However, as I said in that review, you can solve most of the problem by yourself. So, I accompany this Intex Pool Pump Troubleshooting article to help you out.

In this short article, I’ll discuss some common problems with Intex Pool Pump and how to solve them. But, before starting, Make sure you install it properly, or it doesn’t matter how much you try the problem will never solve.

If you are fine from your end then, with no delay, let’s move on the troubleshooting part.

Problem 1: Index Pump isn’t working.

There could be several reasons for it. Generally, it happens because of electrical problems, like loose connections, bad capacitor or overloaded voltage ect.

Jammed motor also could cause the issue.


  • Check the Circuit breaker box and look if there are any fuses blown. If everything is fine, make sure that no connection is loose. And, make sure the power cord is okay.
  • If the motor of your pump is overheating and turn off every time you start, then this problem could be caused by an overloaded circuit. Chack, if the wiring for appropriate voltage and the wire sizes are right.
  • If your pump does not get going but it turns on perfectly, then check the capacitors. Get a good capacitor and make sure the governor is shutted.
  • If you find none of this problem then, it’s probably motor jammed. You can tell it by looking at it as the motor shaft won’t rotate.
  • If it is also not jammed, you might need to replace bearings and need a professional to do it.

Problem 2: The pump is running perfectly but not pumping

As for this problem, the suction or the water flow has been interrupted which causes the system to stop working. In technical terms, it is called, losing its prime.

There are several reasons for this. It could be for obstruction, dirty pool filters or too much air is sucked into the pump system.


For the air inside the system, it could come in this way: through the skimmer if the water level of your pool is quite low, or if clog interrupts the water flow, or if there are leaks in o-ring.

  • If the water level is low, it can be fixed easily. Just fill it up. Also, check the skimmer basket. If it is filled with debris, clean it and hose it off.
  • If your problem isn’t solved, then check the o-rings in the pump housing. If the o-rings are damaged or leaked then the water pressure would be loose.
  • Last One, check the pump impeller if there is any clogging.

Problem 3: Intex pump is leaking

Leaking is the most common sign in the pump. And, fixing this problem is also easy. Majority of the time, this issue causes a bad o-ring (a rubber ring which connects pipes, awful shaft seal, or a bad thread sealant.


  • First thing to check is the Pump Shaft Seal. Every Pool has a shaft seal to prevent water coming out from the motor. Make sure it’s not leaking.
  • The pump housing of your hot tub pool pump can develop leaks. Damaged O-ring is the most common in this case. So, check for it.

You need to inspect other parts to find out any leaks. All these parts are cheap and easy to replace.

Problem4: The pump is making to much noise.

Generally, pumps make that grumblings regularly. You may already have gotten used to it. But it became a problem when the sound was a little off.

If it makes it sound like old vibrating bad then it could be cavitation. But if they sound like a screeching hyena, it could be because of the bad bearings of the motor.


  • For cavitation, the solution is as basic as clearing the clog out of the lines or fixing air leaks in the system. With solving these problems, the pump will back it old semi-noisy self.
  • If the problem is with bearings then you can’t solve it by yourself unless you are an expert. You need to call a professional to address this problem.

Your problem should have been solved by now. But if the sound is still there, then it could be some internal problem with the motor.

Final Verdict

Those four problems, I mentioned above are the most common problems with intex pool pumps. There are some other teeny problems too but that usual and easy to fix. So, I didn’t mention them.

However, if you are judging Index with this problem then you are making a big mistake. Every pool pump has its own set of maintenance problems. And, you have to learn to solve them. That being said, this is the end of this short article. Keep enjoying your life.

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