How To Use Phonto App On Your Computer


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Do you love to edit photos frequently and add some text to it? Did you know that there’s an app you can use to make editing photos more comfortable and faster? With the app called Phonto, you’ll be able to apply incredible text effects on your images.

It has more than 200 fonts available you can apply when making a text from a photo. And if you are not satisfied with its built-in fonts, you can download and install fonts from another source and use it here.

Modifying the design of Phonto’s text, color, and shadow is very manageable due to its friendly user interface. With its feature, it is one of the perfect solutions if you want to apply text effect on your images.

The Phonto is available for both iOS and Android and can be download for free. It has a paid version which offers more option and removal of ads.

When you search for this app for the Windows or Mac version, you won’t find an installer dedicated to these Operating Systems. However, when you use an emulator program, running the Phonto for desktop is possible.

If you are not familiar with an emulator, it is a software that allows you to create an Android Operating System from inside of your Windows or Mac.

With the emulator program, running any Android apps is possible, including the popular Phonto app. To install the emulator program, check the information on the next topic.

Download And Install Nox Player Emulator To Use Phonto

The Phonto app can be emulated from the emulator called Nox Player. It is currently one of the most popular emulators available online.

The Nox Player has a simple user interface. When you installed it, it does not have a fancy or complicated setting. Just click the app like Phonto to execute it. Download and install this emulator by reading the steps below.

  • Go to the website of the Nox Player emulator and then download the installer from their website.
  • Save the installer to your desktop and run it.
  • After that, read the instruction on your screen about its terms and accept them.
  • Wait for the installation to finish and then go to your desktop to see the Nox Player.
  • Double click it to start using the Nox Player from your computer.
  • Set up your account or use your Gmail to login to the Play Store.
  • Search for the Phonto app by typing it.
  • Download and install the Phonto once you found it.
  • Finally, go and see the home of Nox Player to find the Phonto app and run it.

That’s how you could install the Nox Player and run the Phonto app from it. Just in case you encounter some slowdowns, you can tweak your BIOS menu to speed up the emulator.

Find the option called virtualization and enable it. Any emulator programs will benefit using this feature, thus speeding up and preventing any slow down on your computer.


Now that you are able to run the Phonto app on your desktop, you can enjoy taking photos and applying different text on it without any limit because of the emulator software.

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