How to Select a Capable Structural Engineer


Professional structural engineers are necessary to provide valuable insight on how to ensure that a structure is safe. A NJ structural engineer can help the owners save both time and money in the building process for residential properties, commercial complexes, and industrial infrastructures.

Property owners will have difficulty choosing the right structural engineer for the building project if they do not know what to look for, especially since there are many different engineering firms to choose from. One important thing to look into is the engineer’s certification.

Structural engineers must have both a Professional Engineering license and a structural engineering certification, like the one from SECB or Structural Engineering Certification Board for US-based structural engineers. The SECB is partnered with the ASCE-SEI, or the American Society of Civil Engineers – Structural Engineering Institute, to certify engineers with more education, experience, and skill particular to structural engineering. Hiring an engineer who is a member of the National Academy of Building Inspection Engineers or NABIE is a viable option because it is an organization of Professional Engineers who specialize in building inspection engineering.

Certification is only one thing out of many things to consider when looking for a structural engineer New Jersey, especially since there are still different assessment technologies that different engineers and firms use. There are still the scope of services, staffing, and client reviews. This infographic by Lockatong Engineering can provide information about them.

How to Select a Capable Structural Engineer

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