How to Save Precious Time & Money with Restaurant POS System?


These days, almost every organization, irrespective of the industry, has started to incorporate advanced technology into its business. Over time, POS (Point of Sale) system has evolved to cover almost all industries and to benefit them. The restaurant business is not excluded from this list. It is a well-known aspect that running the restaurant is filled with responsibilities and consumes lots of time. At times, you, as the restaurant owner, may feel that whatever time you spend at your business seems to be less. But using the most advanced and latest technology like the restaurant pos systems will ensure saving precious time, money & effort.

Need for the best POS system for your restaurant business

Restaurant owners these days have more options to choose from. With so many POS systems available easily, trying to identify the best one among them, which serves your specific business interest, can be really challenging. The fact is that majority of the systems available in the market are designed to serve similar purposes, but not all are the same. Hence, making a wrong selection will only mean impacting your bottom line & overall efficiency significantly. You definitely will not invest in a POS system that will give you a bad nightmare. Generic systems can be found in plenty, which may seem to offer functionality to allow the smooth functioning of your restaurant business. But selecting the general system may not allow you to reach your maximum potentiality. Hence, the importance of selecting the most appropriate one just perfect for your business needs.

Having the POS system installed in your restaurant business, you will be provided with powerful business insights. It reduces your time significantly as well as that of your employees and manages the day to day tasks more efficiently. Your customers are also sure to return back more satisfied, thus helping your business to grow in leaps & bounds.


How can POS system save time & money?

The POS system selected for your restaurant can save time in four major areas like:

  • Cloud Reporting: The shift lead may request placing weekly inventory order for your restaurant. You may be interested in running again taco special for which he needs to order immediately. To see if your special taco is getting good orders or not, you need to check the reports, before finalizing the purchase. But the reports can be availed only on the local server of your restaurant. This will mean you need to stay back at the restaurant to make orders for each and every item to ensure nothing is short of stock over overstocked, thus wasting time. This again means you are not able to spend quality time with your family and kids. But with cloud reporting facilities, you will be able to pull up information very quickly as and when desired and from anyplace. Using the POS system, you do not have to travel to your restaurant to check the local server for ordering purposes. The same can be done at your home or even on the move. Thus, saving on travelling time will mean spending quality time with everyone back at home and also not having to worry about your business growth or satisfying the needs of customers.
  • Staff scheduling: Time is definitely money, and being a businessman/woman, you cannot afford to waste time on anything. Staff scheduling is of utmost importance and has to be done correctly. It will take a good amount of time to come up with a staff schedule. Business owners are found to spend about weekly two hours on scheduling. Few reports may even require putting around 12 hours for schedule perfection. With POS installation, you can avail inbuilt staff scheduling, which allows you to save more than 80% time on this specific task. Besides saving time, it also helps you to effectively track all activities of your staff, manage employee accounts, and communicate with them from time to time. The time saved from this process can be used for other activities of home or to improve your business further.
  • Online ordering: With the rise in demand for takeout’s and deliveries, time to run the restaurant also increases. Placing orders manually into the POS system from 3rd party app can be a time-consuming process. One staff member will be required to take care of the tablets. They also need to punch in orders, send the same across to the kitchen, and work using 3rd party tablets. Placing an order generally takes about 2 minutes. Instead of risking more mistakes, it is wise to put in some more time. An extra minute is worth than apologizing to any dissatisfied customer! On an average day, your restaurant may witness getting about 100 online orders. This means, 2.3 hours or so spend merely using a tablet to type in vital information to other tablets. It also means, time spent weekly to process online orders by your team is approximately 23 hours. Using restaurant manager pos that are online ordering integrated can help you to skip this time consuming and tedious manual entry process. You need to simply sync your online orders directly to the installed POS system. Once done, you will be able to get a full day back that can be used to perform other tasks and run your business more efficiently.
  • Inventory: Taking inventory can be a time-consuming process and needs to be managed correctly. Mistakes committed and late orders will only ruin your customers and business. However, with the right tool, such as the POS system installed in your restaurant business, taking inventory will take very little time & effort. A good, efficient & effective POS system is one that syncs inventory with reporting, thus saving about 4-8 hours weekly. You do not have to spend your time flipping between spreadsheets, doing your best to identify last week’s numbers, or recounting while mixing up piles. Manual information entry is prone to committing mistakes. It also causes trouble when you try to grasp better the amount spent on food and other things. With the POS system, you will be able to save about 6 hours on an average on inventory management.

The perfect POS system is one that will come with the above-mentioned major time-saving features.

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