How to Make Money From My Website Using LinkGraph


There is one necessity that all organizations have in common, from small businesses to large-scale enterprises—money. Modern companies are constantly looking for ways to streamline their business practices. Two of the most influential factors in these innovation efforts are cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Websites are an integral piece of the puzzle that makes up a successful venture in the digital era. So, what can digital marketing companies like contribute to your business?

Why is digital marketing important?

Especially in the current social climate that COVID-19 has created, your business’s online presence is more impactful than ever. Digital marketing has been an area of interest for many years; however, COVID-19 has urgently pushed its relevancy into the spotlight. Wider internet usage has contributed to significant changes in marketing strategies as consumers prioritize convenience and remote communications.

Accordingly, the revenue that online advertising generated in the United States grew by 12.2% in 2020, reaching nearly 140 billion dollars. In the past, in-person marketing efforts like promotional booths and grassroots marketing yielded more successful results. Post-COVID-19, consumers are spending less time in commercial spaces. They may also be less willing to engage in activities that require touching foreign objects like business cards or product samples.

How can I implement digital marketing practices into my business?

There are several routes your organization can take when implementing a digital marketing practice, for example, through the use of SEO. The term “search engine optimization” refers to the process of increasing your company’s visibility on the web. This process garners attention for your business by placing your content higher in search engine results related to your products or services. To put into perspective how commonplace search engine usage is to the average consumer, Google processed 13 billion search queries in April of this year alone.

Suppose you are in the floral arrangement business. In that case, the next time someone in your area searches “flowers near me,” it’s likely that you want your business to show up in their search results. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Google has specific algorithms that determine your website’s ranking on the results page. This is where digital marketing experts like LinkGraph come in. SEO specialists and content writers identify the best way to improve your visibility, then implement these methods on your website or through related content.

Now, the next time someone searches “flowers near me,” you can rest assured that information about your business will be readily available to the interested consumer. SEO is just one way that LinkGraph can transform your website into a money-maker. Strategizing your social media advertising and perfecting your UI/UX design through data analytics are a few alternative options available to business owners. For a comprehensive list of services, visit the LinkGraph site or take advantage of their free consultation service.

Is digital marketing difficult to manage?

Digital marketing performance evaluation is not just for software engineers or data scientists anymore! LinkGraph provides a variety of user-friendly software in their toolkit. The software you need will depend on how you decide to launch your digital marketing campaign. Overall, LinkGraph’s dashboard provides robust performance tracking so that you can continually identify areas of improvement. The data science field is constantly developing. Employing data science software tools are an excellent means of staying ahead of the competition.

Most small business owners don’t have the time to handle a digital marketing strategy on their own. For a large corporation, an in-house digital marketing team can be costly. Conversely, LinkGraph provides the extensive knowledge and application your company needs to build a prosperous online presence without the offensive price tag. If you’re unsure where to start, consider a free consultation or conduct a free, instant site audit through LinkGraph’s homepage.

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