How to Keep Your Office Space Clean


The feeling a tidy working space gives you can be quite energizing and inspiring. When your working desk is clean, you will stay focused and accomplish much more. In fact, working in a clean environment boosts your morale and increases productivity by over 30%. 

Moreover, you need to keep in mind that your office space isn’t just a place where you work. It also serves as a true reflection of who you are and what you stand for. This is the primary reason why some people will spend a lot of money designing and decorating their office spaces.

Here are some of the things you can do to keep your office space sparkling clean.


  • Make sure your desk is always clear


Most of us can agree that it is always easier to throw random things onto your working desk. However, keep in mind that your working desk is not storage space, and you should not treat it as such.

Find creative ways of maximizing the space you are working on. If you see or come across anything unnecessary lying on your desk, be sure to shove it into a drawer or storage unit. You should also try to keep the drawers and other storage units tidy so that you can easily retrieve documents.


  • Create a simple organization system


Organize your projects by arranging them neatly in project jackets, manila folders, or poly file folders. Make sure you label each project file/folder appropriately and store them in a drawer or cabinet. 

Organizing your projects into files and folders is one of the easiest ways to avoid piles of files on your desk. It also allows you to visually see all projects assigned to you and prioritize those that are urgent.


  • Hire someone to keep the floor clean


Hiring a Montreal office cleaning company is essential if you don’t have time to commit to thorough cleaning. While you focus on keeping your desk clean, an office cleaning company will focus on the other areas, such as the floor, doors, windows, and cabinets.

Hiring professional cleaning services to handle the cleaning job on your behalf will help you focus on other things that matter.  Every part of the office will always be sparkling clean hence improving your confidence as well as that of others.

Your employees and customers will have more confidence in your company since they work in a clean and healthy environment. Your visitors will feel comfortable and want to do business with you.


  • Avoid eating at your desk


While it may be tempting to eat at your working desk, think twice before you do it.  One of the top reasons why you should avoid this behavior is that you risk spilling food particles and drinks on your computer or documents, which can be costly.   

Also, avoiding the cafeteria or restaurant denies you an incredible opportunity to interact with your workmates and unwind before getting back to work.

Always consider meal breaks as a time to step out of your work area and catch up with your colleagues. Use the time to freshen up your mind and prepare it for the next cycle of working.


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