How to Grow Your Following on Social Media


Nowadays every brand, organization as well as institution uses social media for connecting to their audience, increase awareness and drive leads and business. With the help of social media network an organization can spread throughout the world about the campaigns, new initiatives, and new products and services. Having 1000 fans in Facebook or 200 followers in Twitter or  300 followers does not means a success in social media rather you have to constantly increase your followers in almost all popular social media networks.  In this article we have come up with some ways with the help of which you can grow your social media following.

If you want more and more likes on your Instagram account, one of the best tips is to try placing wide texts in the captions and incorporating emojis that serve to give more encouragement to the words. Don’t forget the hashtags and if you can create yours for others to interact with you using it, it is highly recommended. Look at the results you get according to the time and day you publish and make the necessary changes until you find a strategy that works for you in a good way. And if you want to quickly get likes, we recommend you to buy Instagram auto likes from Fameoninsta.

Ways to increase Social media following

The following are some ways with the help of which you can increase your fan following in the social media and you can use some of these effective ways to increase your fan following:

  • Holding Contests: One of the great ways to get new people or engage people in social media is to hold contest. You can include various types of social media contest such as comment to win, caption contest, photo contest, multiple choice contest, and fill in the blank contest. Once you hold the contest you also have to promote it everywhere, follow the platform rules, follow up with entrants who still have not own any of your contest and encourage to participate the contest more actively. You also have to keep in mind that you do not give away the prize to any unrelated brand. 
    • Include visuals with every post: Audience likes to view visuals rather than reading text. Hence make sure that each and every post has an eye-catching and colorful image or graphic. In any social media network it is seen that content with relevant image have 94% more views than that of the content without any images. Apart from that, it is also found that the visual contents are 40 times more likely to be shared than that of the content without any kind of images. 
    • Use automation: Another important thing that you must do is to increase social following is to use automation so that you can manage all your social account in one place. With automation it becomes possible to schedule post weeks in advance and you will be able to post the message during your preferred time. Apart from that, with the help of automation you will also be able to analyze how well your post on social media is doing in the online market. If you find that your post is not doing well you can take proper step and hence it will help you to increase your follower count.    
    • Promote your social media account: If you want to grow your follower then you have made it easy for them to like your profiles. You need to perk up your startup’s Facebook page or Twitter account or Instagram. You can also add social media icon to your site as well as can also add social feed to your side bar.  Whenever you post any blog on your website you should ask people to follow your social medial platform at the end of your blog post. 
    • Engage actively: You must engage your customer by replying their comments. Whenever you post anything on the social media you must try to answer the question that your audience may have asked. This way you can engage your audience and the more you engage the audience the better will be your relation with the audience and more will be your fan following. 
  • Select the best channel: All social media do not work equally well. If for some business Facebook works well Twitter may work for others. Hence, before you invest time and money on a particular channel you must research it well which platform will be the best for your business. For example, Facebook is suitable for news and entertainment sites whereas Twitter is suitable for the brands sharing blog post and promoting the content on the website. Instagram is highly suitable for strong visual brands.
  • Put quality over quantity: You may have a huge volume of content but if it is not quality content then it will be of no use. In the social media you should never forget that the quality always matters over the quantity. Hence you should never post any content just for the sake of post since it will not help you to grow up your audience. Always use quality content if you want to grow your social media followers.                




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