How to Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer


Summers, initially, are livid and pleasing. Everything seems to have more life than usual, the skies are brighter, the flowers smell sweeter and nature seems to be in its full form. However, as the summer proceeds and reaches its threshold, it becomes unbearable. The intense heat cannot be withstood and all we want is a functioning air conditioner.

Ensuring that the air conditioner is ready for the summer is very important. More often than not, it happens that the air conditioner becomes dysfunctional after a long time of no use. In such a case, it can be no less than a shock when you expect cool air from the air conditioner and all you receive is dust.

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How to keep your air conditioner summer ready?


Before you begin with the inspection work, make sure to turn off the power supply. Air conditioners have a 240-volt weatherproof isolator switch. Turn it off. Besides that, you should wait half an hour for the charge to dissipate before starting the task.

Clean the air filters

If you experience warm air forming the air conditioner, the reason may be an accumulation of dust. The efficiency of the air conditioner significantly decreases when the air filters are clogged by dirt and dust. The air conditioner is then required to work extra hard to maintain the airflow.

Regular cleaning is the fundamental factor that ensures that the air conditioner is fit as a fiddle and free from any complications.

Look after the air ducts

Duct cleaning serves a dual purpose. Not only does it remove the dust and debris from inside, but it also maintains the cool airflow of the air. People suffering from asthma are at great risk of getting adversely affected by the air coming out of dirty ducts. This dust is also problematic for your beloved pets.

Clean the condenser

The air conditioner’s condenser is a huge fan caged inside a metal box. It should not be blocked by anything in its free movement. No matter how much care you have taken, there is every probability that the condenser unit has caught some amount of debris, leaves and other debris that damages the unit in its free flow.

You must ensure that all this is removed so that the condenser unit can run efficiently.


Air conditioners, like any other machine, require proper care and maintenance for their functioning in full capacity. Make sure that you call for expert attention if you spot any issue in the working of the air conditioner.

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