How To Cleanse Tiger’s Eye Crystals

Eye Crystals

Tiger’s eye stone is a magnificent unique stone, people love to use it for its uniqueness. The stone generally has rich brown or copper color and possesses various brown flecks and a golden strip resembling the tiger eye. Each crystal has its specification of purification and they are refined accordingly.

There are three easy ways to clean it that everyone can easily do.  We can use water, earth, and moonlight in the process of cleaning it.

It is very important to have information about the Mohs scale of hardness. Tiger’s Eye stone falls at around a level 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This simply means you can submerge this stone with water.

The first method is to take a cup and put enough water in it so that the stone gets inside and place the stone in it for almost 2 hours. The first method is to keep it in the moonlight for the whole night so that it can get rid of negativity inside it and get positive energy from the moonlight. This can be an excellent way to recharge the crystal and return it to its original natural condition.

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Another way is to dig a small hole and bury the stone in it for two hours or the whole night. Do it in your favorite place or under the tree of your choice. It will recharge your stone.

When wearing a tiger’s eye bracelet, keep in mind the purpose for which you are wearing it. If you want to work on your inner self-confidence, you must wear this bracelet in your left hand and if you want to show your confidence and level of strength, you have to wear it in your right hand.

It can be a good thing for raising your self-confidence and improving mental health.

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