How To Choose Best Water Coolers For The Office


If you’re a business owner, you’re probably wanting to figure out ways to encourage productivity in the office while also helping your employees address their needs. After all, the average office worker spends 30 to 40 hours in their workspace, which means that they need to be able to address health requirements such as hydration easily. When it comes to this, it’s a great idea to consider adding a water cooler for the office, as not only does regular hydration help the body perform optimally, but it can provide much needed refreshment and a break for working minds.

Choosing The Best Water Coolers For The Office

When it comes to figuring out which water dispensers will work best for your office needs, it’s best to observe how your employees use and require water. If there is a demand for hot water for meal preparation during breaks, or even coffee or tea making, maybe it’s best to get a hot and cold water dispenser for your specific circumstances. If there’s already a kettle in your break area, this may not be required. However, if you’re wanting to give your employees instantaneous hot water so that there’s less downtime when they are making their hot drinks, you may want to consider this option. Otherwise, there are cool and cold water dispenser options available in the market, too, which can suit your needs if you’re only after ice cold or cool drinking water for your workplace’s varying requirements.

Types of Standing Water Coolers

There are two types of standing water coolers. One is top load, which mostly just means that the water source will be in a bottle placed on top of the appliance, and this is the most common water dispenser available on the market today. However, if you’re thinking that there may be some employees in your workplace that will not be able to lift the weight of a water bottle when the time comes to replace it for continuous water access, you may want to consider looking into bottom load water coolers, which basically is just a water dispenser that has the water source at the bottom of the appliance, and this will make it easier for bottle replacement. The bottom load water cooler is best for if you’re concerned about possible workplace related injuries and want to minimise this risk.

Space-saving Benchtop Water Coolers

Another thing to consider when choosing the best office water cooler for your specific workplace needs is the space that you have available. If your office kitchenette is small, there might not be room for a standing water cooler, which means that you may have to look into benchtop water coolers to suit your needs. The good thing about this type of water cooler is that as long as you can clear up a space on the benchtop, you’ll have easy access to fresh, great tasting water, with an easy to replace water bottle so you won’t have to worry about running out quickly, too.

Sourcing Great Tasting Water

The great thing about getting water coolers for the office is that you won’t have to worry about where to get your water source, and when to buy it. There are reliable companies  out there that provide regular deliveries of high quality water to your workplace, so you won’t have to stress about where to get water should you run out. The way that it works is that you set a time and place for them to place the water bottles upon delivery, and you can change up the amount of water and the delivery days as you need. They’ll also recycle your empty water bottles for you, so you don’t have to worry about that, too!

The good thing about these water suppliers as well is that most of them sell smaller variants of their water, which means that you can try out their water first before committing to getting bigger water bottles delivered to the office. 

Getting delicious drinking water to your employees has never been easier with the addition of a water dispenser to the workplace.

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