How To Choose Best Aircon Servicing Companies In Singapore?



Even when you have the best brand of aircon installed, it can encounter an issue. A failure of the air conditioner in the middle of the night during summer in Singapore is an unpleasant experience. It is better to have a reliable aircon servicing company that regularly cleans and maintains the unit. You want to hire an air conditioner servicing agency but don’t know how to choose the right technician. 

Tips to choose the best Aircon Service Company

Having one agency to do the aircon installation and a different technician for maintenance & repair is not a good idea. Select an aircon service company that offers comprehensive services ranging from installation to servicing to repairs. 

  • Research – Search online to see how reliable the potential Singapore aircon service agency is before you sign a contract. You can start reading reviews and check BBB before deciding. 
  • Experience – Experience is an asset. It reveals a lot about the company’s reputation and credibility in the market. You know that hands-on experience means the technician is competent to handle complex issues. 
  • License – The service provider needs to have a valid license. It ensures that the technician is well-trained and fulfills the requirements of working with aircon. Remember, the air conditioner will perform best only if it is taken care of by the right aircon service company in Singapore.
  • Service quality – Never be tempted by discounts and exclusive offers. Some professionals cloud your decision but bear in mind a reputable company even if it is a little costly will save you extra spending down the road. They will never cut corners in offering services. 
  • Staff qualification – The aircon working mechanism is complicated. A tiny wiring error can result in expensive aircon failure. Therefore without hesitation ask questions about the staff training. Find out if the technical staff and employees are trained properly. Having certified technicians, you feel ensured that the job will get done right. It even guarantees that you are partnering with professionals that care about their customers.

LetsCool Aircon is a popular aircon service agency amongst Singaporeans in comparison to its competitors like Aircool Aircon. Things never go as expected because appliances are unpredictable. During unbeatable hot weather, homes depend on the air conditioner to keep space cool and comfy. 

Hire the right kind of aircon service agency in Singapore to keep the machine well-maintained. The benefits of regular servicing mean you stay healthy, breathe clean air, lessen major breakdowns, prevent expensive replacement, and stay cool. 

Regular aircon service and maintenance include cleaning the air filter and fin that collects an enormous amount of dirt and dust during operation. The evaporator and condenser coils are cleaned because dust can overheat the system. 

The evaporator and condenser fans are cleaned. The technicians clean the dirt from the drainage pipe to prevent water leakage issues. Coolant level must be maintained. The overall aircon system inspection allows the technicians to identify any wear & tear before it turns costly or needs you to call for emergency service. 


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