How to become a successful celebrity stylist?


The best and the sweetest gig in the world can be dressing up celebrities for a living and getting paid for it. Being a celebrity stylist is a very glamorous profession to be in with and the recent years these stylists have stepped in front of the curtain to become a celebrity on their own. For instance, we can see Kate Young, stylist to Selena Gomez, Dakota Johnson and Margot Robbie has a massive following on Instagram alone. And not much surprisingly it’s a hot job which everyone wants. But it can be pretty much hard to get there.

It’s all about the internship:

For becoming a successful celebrity stylist, we should begin our journey from an internship, it can be internship anywhere, from a fashion house to an agency. As it is a common trend in the fashion industry, that lot of this industry works on recommendations. Therefore, it becomes a natural step in the process of becoming a renowned and well sought-after celebrity stylist. As a stylist intern, we get an opportunity to become an assistant to the celebrity stylist. Hence after, the key to development is to form a relationship with such stylist so that they can recommend us.

Because the thing is that celebrities are often very conscious of the people they work with and are wary of the faces. Which makes working with them a trick business, that is why recommendations are very important from another stylist. Because celebrities are very private people and are always looking for people to have around with whom they are comfortable as well as their private lives are safe.

Along with this another major part of being an intern is that it provides us with an opportunity to hone and polish your skills on the job, which we may not have learned otherwise.

Basia Richard who is CEO at MY Stylist Academy and a renowned celebrity stylist said, “Internships teach you how to start a job, how to finish the job, how to go from the showroom to costume houses.” And this is something which we cannot learn in the four walls by studying it is something very practical which comes with practical experience under the guidance of a mentor.”

Build your Look Book:

We also get an opportunity to work and build our portfolio, which is nothing but a lookbook sort of thing filled with collections of photos of our work as a stylist. The purpose behind creating and maintaining such a book is to showcase our previous Work and styling skills and approach in the bigger and more high-profile client.

Live and breathe the fashion and celebrity world:

As a fashion stylist and we should always be abreast with the latest happenings the fashion industry. We should know the in and out of the fashion industry like the back of our hand. For that, we should keep up with the latest shows, magazines and study different celebrities and their unique individual looks. Knowing and studying our audience is the main ingredient of success.


By employing the steps, we can pave our way to becoming a very successful. Celebrity stylist such as someone like Sammie Moussallam a stylist and designer in Toronto for the past seven years. Sammie Moussallam stories have been published in the hottest magazines including Zink Magazine, Dress to Kill, Spade, Fantastikmag, and many more. He worked with many high profile photographers such as Josh Cornell, and David Ho for collaborations with BCBG, HerveLege, Nine West, and Dean Davidson.”

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