How to become a great leader: 5 tips for being a leader


What makes up a great leader? Are its qualities such as assertiveness, flexibility, acuteness, and conscientiousness? Or is it that the leaders are natural transforms which ought to bring a positive and inspiring change in their team and people around. The leaders we see are great orators and are the ones who are always struggling to be in limelight and being adored and appreciated by everyone. So can we define them by these traits?

Peter Drucker an Austrian-born American management consultant, educator, and author, whose writings contributed to the philosophical and practical foundations of the modern business corporation commented on leadership rightly that, “Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results, not attributes. —Peter Drucker

As Sir Peter Drucker shed light on effective leadership, the lesson to learn here is, great leadership is more about producing great lasting results, so what can be done to produce great results and lead by example of being a great leader oneself?

Here are 5 tips to follow which can make one more effective and great leader out of oneself.

Start by Understanding Your Leadership Style:

As Buddha has once said, in order to conquer the world you should first conquer yourself. Reflecting on these great words, we can begin by first exploring and knowing ourselves. Asking relevant questions such as what are our strengths and are we making most out of it, what are the areas we can improve ourselves and what is our style of leading and dealing with everyone? Can help to assess and move in the right direction to be a more effective leader which can not only envisage but actualize goals and visions.

Welcome Creativity:

Tickling and stimulating the intellect of the team members is one of the critical and defining roles of great leadership. The team members for most of the parts know it and can do novel things and find creative solutions for the problems. But the thing is they need to be realised along with some intellectual stimulation.

Be Passionate:

Less put it this way, can someone who is not truly conscious and care about the goals be looked upon for guidance and leadership. Of course not, hence to be a great leader, one should harbour a genuine passion and enthusiasm for the projects which we work on.

Keep Trying New Things:

Leadership should not be considered and treated as a one-way relationship, if we ought to develop leadership qualities, we should aim to try new things and explore in new directions. As leadership is a dynamic role and being stagnancy cannot be afforded here. For that constant endeavour to improve through the feedback of team members and self-assessment should be practised.

Offer Rewards and Recognition:

Great leaders are great motivators as they know the art of effectively recognising and rewarding the team members so that they also develop a sense of recognition and appreciation. And it is no surprise that happy people are more productive at work. We can take Reza Satchu Alignvest’s Co-founder and  Next Canada professor as a classic example of the same, as for Reza Satchu Success was about having a positive impact on his peers and making them grow along with him by recognising their efforts and hard work and offering them his positive feedback to grow and learn on the path of progress.

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